4 Ways You Subconsciously Surrender Your Mind And Body To A New Love

How do you know when you're falling in love? The tricky part is you don't really "know."

The phases leading up to love seem to be more of a power struggle between your mind and your heart, rather than a blissful journey you have complete control over.

For those who yearn for someone to hug, kiss and care about, love is truly a blessing.

But, for those who find themselves wrapped up in this intense emotion with no way out, it can feel like a curse.

And although the way you view love is your personal opinion, the way you surrender to love is the same as the millions of other 20-somethings in the dating world today.

Either way you look at it, love is a powerful, intangible and often an indescribable force you can be sure will make a guest appearance in your life at some point.

He/She Changes Up Your Routine

The first time you meet this person, he or she ignites a spark in you that is unfamiliar to anything you have experienced before.

This person seems to have awoken you from the uniform, daily tasks that currently make up your life.

Whether it begins with a shy introduction, a handshake, a hug, a kiss on the cheek or a nod, the result is always the same: explosive.

He/She Dominates Your Thoughts

Next thing you know, this person has managed to finagle his or her way into your subconscious, spreading thoughts of “What if?”

From there, the idea of this person has now managed to push its way to the forefront of your brain, making sure that with every minute, he or she graces your thoughts.

With every vibration of your phone, you're hoping it's a text from this person, in which you will cling to every word.

Before you met that special person, life was simple and routine, but having since met him or her, your life is now refreshed, exciting and fun. I

t is as if this person has come into your life and allowed you experience highs you thought you could only experience on the best drugs.

You have allowed this person to successfully conquer the hardest and most complex part of you: your mind.

While your brain endures euphoria with every thought and moment spent with this person, your body is unaware that it is the next stop on this dangerous, winding road.

You Only Crave Him/Her

Your body is unraveling at the seams with every touch; this person's kisses make you melt, his or her embrace feels like home and the sex is wild.

Even when you are not touching, just being close to this person feels as though there is an invisible magnet between you, drawing you two together.

Soon enough, the peace you once had when being by yourself is now only attainable in the presence of this person.

He/She Has Your Heart

Once this person has taken over your mind and body, your heart is the last piece to follow through, which it will every time.

Whenever you see this person, your heart skips a beat; when you're away from him or her for too long, you feel a dull pain in your chest -- the first sign of heartache.

And, just like that, you're head-over-heels in love with this person, and you may not have even been aware of it.

The body seems to go through these four steps unconsciously, and maybe there's a good reason for that. Maybe love should be the one thing you don't have to think so hard about.

Whatever happens after you fall in love varies greatly from person to person. You may fall out of love; you may get married; you may never be the same again.

But, the four ways you surrender to a great love is the same for all of us.