4 Things Happy Couples Do Every Single Morning When They Wake Up


Waking up is the worst. Even if I've gotten a full eight hours of sleep, it's like torture to peel open my sleepy eyes and face the day. I go through the first four stages of grief every morning when my alarm goes off. Literally the only thing that makes it worth it is that I can hear my partner turning on the coffee grinder. He doesn't even drink coffee every day — he's doing it for me. That's because we're a happy couple. I know, gross. I hate us, too. But it's the little things happy couples do daily that count.

While every couple has their way of showing how much they care, there are some universal signs of happiness in the relationship. Things like daily hugs, kisses, enjoying one another's company, and taking a genuine interest in the minor details of each other's lives are all indications that things are going well. But if you want to get a snapshot of your happiness in the relationship, just pay attention to your shared morning routine. There are lots of little clues in those sleepy hours if you look for them.

Here are the things that happy couples do first thing in the morning when they wake up.

1. They Try To Wake Up Together

Life gets really busy, and you only have a limited time to spend with your partner. If you are happ, you want to make the most of that time by waking up around the same time if you can — it's a great way to sneak in a little more togetherness. Plus, it's the only time during they day that you (probably) won't be interrupted by your phone, so you can actually put it down and have some quality time. Just to be safe, though, maybe leave your phone in the other room. Just sayin'.

2. They Say Good Morning And Mean It… Sort Of

Unless you are a morning person (aka a mutant), mornings are rough. But it does help if you're starting the day next to some one you really like and to whom you can genuinely wish a good morning, and that can take the edge off of the horribleness of waking up. Bonus points if you get to do so while assuming the spoon position.

3. They Share Breakfast Or A Cup Of Coffee

There is a lot of emphasis on eating dinner together, but rarely do people talk about how great it is to share a bite in the morning — or just a cup of coffee or tea. Taking the time to eat some breakfast together is a nice, relaxing way to get in some bonding time. It's a great opportunity to check in about what your day looks like and get on the same page before things get too crazy.

4. They Never Leave Without A Kiss Goodbye

Folks, you gotta get in that morning smooch. Maybe not when you first wake up, but before you head out for the day. For happy couples, this one is kind of a no-brainer. Some studies even show that men who kiss their partner goodbye every day live longer. I mean, you knew you were a good kisser, but life-saving good? Thats just impressive. If you find yourself hitting the road in the morning with out that kiss good bye, turn around and make that time. Otherwise, you are both really missing out.

Sounds simple, right? When you're happy, these things happen naturally. But even if it takes a little work, I promise it's totally worth that extra little bit of effort to start your day off right.

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