3 Signs Your Date Is Actually Crazy And You Need To GTFO Immediately

by Akemi Liyanage

You meet someone and everything seems to be going well.

But here and there, you feel something is just a bit off.

On the surface, your date looks and sounds completely normal. However, you get the sense this person isn't quite right for you.

It's true everyone has a dose of crazy; no one is 100 percent normal. Though, there are certain behaviors that can serve as red flags for relationship issues down the road.

Here are three surefire signs you should drop your date and run the other way:

1. Your date wants to get too close, too fast

You're not even done with your coffee, and your date's already talking about going steady. At first, it's really cute and flattering. But when you look back and realize someone who barely knows you wants to jump into a relationship, it will (and should) freak you out.

This is because no one knows anyone at the very beginning. It takes time to really, deeply know someone, and it takes even more time to like someone in a meaningful way.

Just because you get along really well isn't a reason to rush it. It's only an indication you guys have the potential to be something more serious later on.

The fact your date is trying to tie you down and cement the situation so quickly is a red flag.

While this behavior can be explained by multiple reasons — immaturity or insecurity, for example — it's a definite sign you shouldn't date this person unless he or she backs off and becomes more realistic about your future together.

2. Your date is constantly commenting on your body

There's nothing wrong with a compliment now and then. After all, you probably worked really hard on your hair and spent half an hour deciding what to wear.

But, if your appearance is all your date can talk about, you're probably going to start feeling uncomfortable really soon.

It doesn't matter if you're the hottest person in the room; your date should recognize all of you, including your personality, your wit and your love for Chinese poetry and vintage clothing.

You are so much more than your body, and a date who doesn't realize that isn't worth your time.

3. Your date asks you to take dangerous risks

Nothing says true love like taking a risk, right?

Wrong. Dead wrong.

Popular media tends to romanticize risk taking as an essential part of being in love.

But in the real world, your date asking you to take a risk that may seriously harm you is definitely not a sign of love.

It's a sign your date doesn't really care about your well-being.

When we meet people for the first time, we're hungry for excitement.

Jumping off the pier, skinny dipping and dining and dashing all sound like good ideas because we're ready for something a little different.

But unlike in the movies, real life tends to have real consequences. Unless you're extremely lucky, chances are, you'll end up with a broken bone, a trespassing charge or a criminal record.

This is why someone who has real consideration for your safety and peace of mind won't bother trying to live out a romantic fantasy.

Sure, your date would love for you to fly thousands of miles just to meet him or her in a strange city. But, your date also realizes it may be scary for you to fly alone.

Another thing your date shouldn't ask you to do is lie for him or her or cover his or her half of the bill.

You shouldn't have to compromise your integrity or exhaust your financial resources just to hang out with someone you just met.

Yes, one day you may take a risk together — like moving in together — but that should happen once you know and trust each other enough to do it.

Love is cool. Trust me, I know. In a world full of digital zombies, it's super flattering to be sought after, physically admired and asked to take big risks together.

But, you don't find true love overnight. It's a process that takes time, even with the best person ever.

So, the next time you see these three red flags, run for the hills.