21 Thoughts That Goes Through A Girls Head When She’s On Her Period And Wants To F*ck

Contrary to popular belief, women are sexual creatures. Like our male counterparts, we have desires, urges and fantasies. Unlike our male counterparts, we are only able to act on these urges three weeks out of the month.

For four to seven days, we are forced to suppress our sexual urges and bask in a pool of heavy blood and cramps.

Scorned like lepers, men don’t even want to hear us say the words. They want us to suggest subtly why this night, this week, this moment, we can’t have sex with them.

They want us to point to our abdomens, subliminally imply and subtly suggest that aunt Flow has come to town and has us temporarily unavailable.

But what about us? What about our needs? What about the fact that we're actually hornier during the week you refuse to touch us? For all you ladies wrestling with the idea of having some red-blooded sex, the possibility may not be so far off.

A new discovery by "New York Magazine" reveals that there are men who will not just take you on your period, but ask for it.

According to Maureen O’Connor, period sex is not just some vile perverted act you dream about in the confines of your lonely bed, but a new trend sweeping the nation (much like ass play). Women everywhere should be excited about the possibility of finding men who are thirsty for some blood.

Deemed “blood hounds,” they are the freaky men you’ve always dreamed about. The men who don’t make you hide your heavy flow, but demand it.

The men who are turned on by the sight of blood, not disgusted by it. The men who can not just stand the sight of blood, but bask in it. The men who are willing to take you au naturel.

Of course, like any man of your dreams, these guys are hard to come by.

So until that day comes, until you find a man who is not just comfortable, but appreciative of some good ole’ fashioned period sex, we can only talk about the thoughts that every woman has when she’s on her period and just wants to get some.

Because we all know that no woman is thinking about sex more than when she's on her period.

1. Should I even tell him?

2. Am I gonna be able to get away with this?

3. Day 4 is almost like Day 7, right?

4. He’s done grosser things… I’m sure

5. Am I gross?

6. Is this something he'll tell his friends about?

7. Can I do it in the shower?

8. Will he even notice?

9. What if I put a towel down?

10. Maybe he’ll like it?

11. Does this mean I won’t get pregnant?

12. F*ck you, mother nature.

13. Can anyone, please, surgically remove my uterus?

14. How can I take this tampon out without him noticing?

15. Can I take enough ibuprofen to delay it?

16. Can I take out my tampon and make it look sexy?

17. Should I offer anal instead?

18. How heavy is too heavy?

19. Does it smell?

20. Does it smell good?

21. Maybe he’s into it.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It