4 Reasons Your 20s Aren't Meant To Be Lived Out With A Significant Other

by Chelsea Blake
Daniel Kim Photography

Your 20s are a time for experimentation and adventure. It's a time to test your boundaries and find out what you love and what you hate. It's an opportunity to find yourself, a time for intense love and immense heartbreak.

Falling in love in your 20s is a risky, yet exciting time. Two young adults, starting out in the world together, always relying on each other. You grow to be such big parts of each others lives, and you can't imagine life without them. You are completely dependent on having your partner there for you and know that they will never leave.

As I said, your 20s are a time for heartbreak. The love diminishes, you are both on different paths and don't have the same aspirations in life. The love that should have lasted forever ends, and it's time to move on.

But how? Move on to what? What happens when you're single in your 20s and you thought you would be on track to getting married at this age?! The answer: You're in your 20s. You probably have, like, 60 years ahead of you still. Your life has only begun and guys, we are still so young.

We may have thought that crazy love was meant to be, but it's time to face the hard truth and realize it wasn't. We've loved and we've lost, but it's time to forget that sh*t. This is why it's absolutely OK to be single in your 20s.

You find yourself.

Your 20s is a time to find out who you really are, and what better time than when you're single? It's when you learn how to truly be yourself, without worrying how others view you.

You have the freedom to go out and explore; try that restaurant you never dared to enter or go on a road trip that you wouldn't have taken before. Get out there and find the real you.

You can explore your options.

You're in the prime of your life and there's so many people out there. It's time to go exploring.

Don't close yourself off to your options. Open your eyes. Talk to a sexy guy at the bar. Say no to the guy you just don't want to hang out with. Take chances with someone new and don't hold back. Be the person you always dreamed you would be and let your personality shine. Be yourself and don't take any rejection to heart.

You have complete freedom

There is nothing and no one holding you back (except maybe lack of money.) I'm not bashing relationships, but as a single lady, I have no one to think of but me. I can do whatever the f*ck I want. That's kind of refreshing at my age.

You're not tied down; you can do whatever and whoever you please. If you wanna move across the country (and can), then go. No one is stopping you. You no longer have that voice in your head saying, "but my boyfriend wouldn't like it." Do you, girl.

Your life isn't over just yet.

You may feel lonely because all of your friends are in relationships and you're third wheeling on their dates, but don't you dare settle.

Don't pick a guy and hold on just so you're not lonely. You have so much time to find the right person for you, and not some jerk you picked up on the street. You can't look at it as if you're alone because you're a bad partner or you're undesirable. You'll find that someone eventually, who absolutely desires you and will treat you like the queen you are. Wait for it.

Being single in your 20s really isn't so bad. Just think of all the fun that's ahead. Find yourself and have a hell of a time. It's your chance to begin a new chapter in your life.