20 Perks Of Being Single In Your 20s

While, at times, being single can be seem boring or lonesome — especially during a heartfelt romantic comedy — we often forget the amazing perks of the single life. We buy into the notion that having a relationship is ideal, even if the person in question or the timing is not.

Whether it comes from familial pressures or friends awkwardly hooking us up, we tend to ignore the benefits of being single and place all of our desires in the security of a relationship.

Don't be too hard on yourself about this, though — it’s natural for people to desire what they don’t have. However, it’s time to put everything into perspective and appreciate the benefits of being single, especially while you’re young. So, check out the following 20 reasons why being single in your 20s is awesome:

1. You can travel anywhere without having to feel guilty about not bringing your partner.

2. You don’t have to explain why you came home late — even if the excuse is Taco Bell.

3. You don’t have to hide hanging out with other people from the opposite sex — especially coworkers.

4. You can save more money on literally everything.

5. You don’t feel obligated to share individual items, such as burritos.

6. You can keep your house as clean or as messy as you desire without being judged.

7. You can go out and exchange numbers with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

8. You don’t need to befriend another set of weird dancing family members — your own set is plenty.

9. You don’t have to engage in awkward conversations with your partner’s annoying and obnoxious friends.

10. You need not participate in checkpoint conversations throughout the day.

11. You can storm out of the room and literally leave town without owing an explanation.

12. You can pick up weird new hobbies, such as fencing, without being judged.

13. At least physically, you won’t let yourself go because you’ll be consistently working against “the competition.”

14. You can focus on your career and maybe even move to new cities or countries to pursue a better job.

15. You can spend as much time as you want with your friends without feeling guilty.

16. You can have adventures with new people without having to explain the story about how you met.

17. You can buy cool gifts for yourself instead of pretending to “want” to buy something for your partner.

18. You don’t have to share party favors and your six-pack will remain in the fridge, untouched, after the bar.

19. You don’t have to deal with weird introductions to your family or your mother’s judging glare.

20. You don’t have to be anybody beside yourself and you are free to figure out who that is, however and whenever you want.

Photo via We Heart It Tumblr