16 Things Being In A Relationship On Facebook Actually Says About You

by Ashley Fern

Facebook relationships — you either hate them or you love them, and if you love them, then this post is most definitely for you.

Does anyone actually enjoy being in a FBR at this age? How does it even make sense to get in one? Do you really need that validation? Can't you be in a committed relationship without one? Aren't we too mature for that?

I totally get it if you are engaged or married, but if you're not, do you really need to display that across your friends' news feed?

News flash: No one cares (and neither should you).

What happens if (and when) you break up? Do you know how awkward it is that there is a "like" button for your friends to support you? Oh yeah, I totally liked your boyfriend before, but now that he's your ex, I'm going to like your status and comment incessantly. Seems mature and rational...

And then what happens if you get back together — since we're all too familiar with the break up to make up routine? That's even more awkward.

So even though we know what are you trying to say when you're in a FBR for all of the world to see, everyone else knows what you're really saying...

1. I'm insecure

I'm self-conscious, I know, and I'm not afraid to show it! You would think someone who is insecure would shy away from online public displays of affection, but when it comes to FBR, this is far from the case.

2. I care what strangers think about my relationship more than I care about my relationship

Why do you need to bring other people into your relationship? A relationship is literally between two people, so why would you even want to bring anyone else's opinions into the mix? Do you realize how hard it is dealing with just your significant other's opinion?

3. I need attention

There's really nothing like a FBR update to bring you into the focus of everyone's attention.

You can basically guarantee this status update will comfortably rest on top of your friend's timeline, aka mission complete.

4. I hacked my boyfriend's Facebook while he was sleeping

There is no way there is a couple out there that feels the exact same way when it comes to being in a FBR, unless they are in agreement they hate it.

The awkward moment when your boyfriend is the one who wants to be in the FBR... now that's an entirely different ball game.

5. I'm jealous

Nothing says "THIS IS MY TERRITORY" quite like forcing your significant other into a Facebook relationship.

6. I want to make you feel bad about yourself

As if your friends didn't know you already had a boyfriend (at least I hope they already knew), let's just rub it in their faces a little bit more.

7. I'm inexperienced

How do you know if someone is in their first relationship? They blast it all over Facebook.

8. I'm going to regret this in five months

The awkward moment when your boyfriend hits his boy's bachelor party, hooks up with a local causing a breakup, and you are forced to remove this awful FB status.

9. I need everyone to know because I don't really believe it

If you need a FBR to remind yourself you're in a relationship, you may need to re-evaluate your choices.

10. I need social media to validate my existence

If you're in a relationship, and it's not blasted on Facebook, are you really in a relationship?

11. I'm probably going to follow up with this on Instagram and Twitter

If you need a social media platform to declare your relationship, do you really think you're mature enough to even be in one? This is probably the quickest way to get unfriended.

If that was your goal, however, I applaud your efforts since we all know the only time we unfriend people is on their birthdays.

12. I'm needy

As long as you can own up to the fact that the only reason you want to be in a Facebook relationship is because you're needy, it's fine by me — I'll just be sure to unfriend you once I get the notification.

13. I don't trust him

Hm... you don't trust your significant other, so you make him publicly declare he's in a relationship with you to fend off other women. That makes total and complete sense — I wish you a long-lasting, happy future.

14. I'm trying to stick it to my ex

Ah the real reason anyone actually gets into a FBR — the ex. As much as we all claim we're over it, you know you really aren't if these are the depths you're sinking to.

15. I missed out on the time in college when it was cool to do this

If there were ever a time to succumb to a FBR, college would be it. This is probably the latest you can get away with something as immature as this.

16. I'm coming out

This may be the only legitimate reason to utilize a Facebook relationship. When it comes to coming out — I have been told this is quite the effective route to take.

You tell everyone at once, and you don't have to worry about who you did and didn't tell. The focus is on you, as it should be.