15 Little, Subtle Things Guys Do That Girls Are So Grateful For

Sometimes, it seems like we, ladies, have nothing good to say about you guys. You guys catch major heat for being players, liars, cheaters, douchebags, arrogant SOBs -- you get the picture. And, I’m here to say, hey, you’re not that bad.

Even if you play the bad boy sometimes, we still love and appreciate you more than you think. So, to all the guys out there, here are 15 things you may not know we’re thankful to you for:

1. Giving us your jackets when we’re cold

This one goes out to the guys who aren’t even romantically involved with us and still shroud us with the warmth of their jackets on those freezing walks back from the bar.

Thank you for having natural body heat and keeping us from getting hypothermia because we choose to wear a chiffon shirt in the middle of January.

It’s also really cute when you keep telling us you’re not cold at all and no, you don’t want your jacket back. Like, wow. How nice are you? Just wow. You warm our chilly shoulders and ice-cold hearts.

2. When you sit patiently through rants about things you don’t care about

We still haven’t fully come to terms with the fact that you don’t care who Kelly hooked up with last night or how cute, but way too expensive that dress from the boutique was. We’re sorry.

But, thank you for nodding and offering one-word responses instead of leaving the table or jumping out of the moving vehicle.

3. Explaining sports to us

While I’m a huge football fan, the other sports are kind of fuzzy to me, so thank you for explaining the points system in basketball, breaking down the baseball positions and attempting to explain why one soccer team advanced because another one lost in the World Cup.

And, thank you for going over these concepts more than once because we tend to forget.

4. Third-wheeling with our friends

You deserve a metal for sitting through high-pitched conversations to which you had little to nothing to contribute.

Extra brownie points if you actually get a word in and don’t seem completely miserable.

5. Hanging out with our dorky dads

Seriously, we’re so sorry he’s inappropriate and wants to bond with you over stuff only he likes. Your good sportsmanship and persistent smile will get you lovin’ later.

6. Letting us be honorary bros

Whether you’re our boyfriend or just a best guy friend, thank you for letting us join the testosterone-filled group shenanigans and giving us a break from the drama of being a girl.

Some of us may not be able to go as hard as you and the rest of the guys, but you made us feel cool and badass for rollin’ with the homies, so thanks, dude.

7. Offering up the “guy’s point of view”

We really appreciate when you’re honest and don’t sugarcoat your opinions on why the guy we like didn’t call back.

Thanks for letting us in on what seems like the securely guarded Sacred Book Of Men, and reminding us to just keep it simple, stupid.

8. Preoccupying crazy children

We can’t thank you enough for the times you’ve allowed yourself to become a human jungle gym and spared us from yet another game of cars or Barbie pet hospital with our niece, nephew or child we’re babysitting.

It works out, since you both are rough, messy and easily entertained.

9. Picking up lady products

For any guy who has had to walk into Walgreens and face the cashier as he purchases a box o’ tamps, you rock, man.

For the guys who went to the grocery store and did self-checkout, you’re not as brave, but still, thanks.

10. Shamelessly admitting you actually enjoyed that chick flick or One Direction song

It makes us feel less lame that even you have an inner 14-year-old girl within.

11. Letting us use you like a human jungle gym

Thank you for the piggy back rides to the cab because there was no way we would’ve made it in our stilettos or even bare feet.

Also, it’s pretty cool that you always let us be the little spoon and tolerate being used as a body pillow, but come on, you like it.

12. For sacrificing your dignity to make us laugh

Nothing’s better than when a guy throws away his inhibitions and embarrasses himself just to make a girl laugh.

When you act goofy and carefree to make her happy, you might as well stick your hand out so she can give you the key to her heart.

13. Holding doors

It’s not like we can’t open doors for ourselves. And, it’s not like we don’t hold doors open for other people, too because it’s really just common decency.

But, when you hold the door for us or let us go first, it’s a sweet gesture we definitely notice and love.

14. When you give our friends reason to be jealous

We secretly bask in the glory that is the envy of our friends when you did something really adorable. Maybe it was a sappy comment at dinner or flowers you had sent to our office.

It sounds kind of evil, but whatever you did to poke the Little Green Monster in our friends, we love you for it. Thanks for serving it to us sweet with a side of ego boost.

15. The times you picked us over your friends

We don’t expect you to do this all the time as that would be cruel. But, when you willingly ditch your friends for us, we don’t take it for granted. Well, not all of us at least.

After hearing “bros before hoes” so many times in our lives, it can sometimes be a surprise you decided to spend your night with us and Netflix instead of the boys and a keg. And, for those nights, we are eternally grateful.