15 Completely Logical Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl With Tattoos

by Dan Scotti

Tattoos on women are sexy.

Angelina Jolie -- arguably the baddest chick on the face of the planet -- is inked. Megan Fox -- quite possibly the baddest chick on the face of the planet between the years 2007 and 2008 -- well, she's inked too.

And the list doesn't end there. From Jessica Alba to Katy Perry to Adriana Lima – who, yes, has a tattoo on her ankle – it just seems as though, in order to make that leap to upper-echelon-attractiveness, you need some ink.

I'm not saying she has to look like she just came from a secret Hell's Angels hideout, or have much ink at all, really.

I will say, however – for whatever reason – it just feels like the sexiest women have a tattoo somewhere on their bodies. Disagree? You just might not have found it yet.

Here are the 15 reasons to always chase the girl with the tattoo.

1. She doesn’t need to fit in.

She doesn’t care about what’s “trendy” or what the “scene” is doing; in fact, she prefers standing out.

She loves being different, and you love her constant ambition to distance herself from the pack.

2. She’s an individual.

Neither the designs on her body – nor the thoughts inside her head – could be replicated by any other person, and that's what draws you in. She's different, and you can sense that simply by looking at her.

Each of her tattoos sets her further apart from the norm and the further she gets, the more stuck on her you become.

3. She has no f*cks to give.

I mean, she has the word “SAVAGE” tattooed on the side of her neck, I’m sure she won’t care TOO much about petty sh*t, like where dinner is.

4. Sex is more aesthetically pleasing.

Sex is a lot more fun when there’s an assortment of different landscapes and scenery tattooed all over her body.

Ironically, before you ever had sex with her, you were unaware of most of her ink – but, now, you know just where to look.

5. She isn’t afraid of a little pain.

Tattoos are pretty painful. Regardless of what anyone tries telling you, you’re getting ink injected into your dermis by a needle, you’re going to feel something.

She’s no stranger to this feeling; in fact, she knows something beautiful is worth a little pain.

6. She’s no stranger to life-long commitments.

Yeah, if you’re worried about whether or not she’s willing to commit to something for the long-term, look no further than her forearm – where she’s got a variety of different tattoos.

Let me be the first to tell you, those ain’t henna, they’re there for the long run.

7. She always wears her heart on her sleeve.

Figuratively speaking, sure, but also literally – I mean, she has an entire arm sleeve full of ink-based hearts from her shoulder to her wrist. In fact, she actually wears a bunch of hearts on her sleeve.

8. She’s not concerned with what other people think of her.

She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her and exudes this vibe throughout all of her different – and rather edgy – tattoos.

She’s got ink in places you never knew existed and if she actually cared what you thought about them, believe me, she would’ve asked you.

9. She’s comfortable putting up with a little prick.

If you think you get annoying from time to time, don’t fret. She’s used to dealing with a prick bothering her every time she decides to re-up on some new ink.

10. She stands firm in her convictions.

She feels strongly about a wide range of different topics and – often, as tribute – she’ll tat it on her body, so you know it’s real.

These tattoos are mere microcosms of her set of values, in general, and she always stands by the things she believes in – even if you don't.

11. She’s a little mischievous.

Sure, tattoos carry a bit of a badass connotation to them – and, you know what – so does she.

She’s always down to try things, even when she knows they might not be widely approved, because she’s open-minded. She doesn’t like judging things without trying them for herself, first.

12. She appreciates artwork.

Of course she appreciates artwork, her midriff is covered with more doodles than Ida Applebroog’s high school math textbook.

She has an eye for art and gets inspired thinking of different ways to express it on her own body.

13. She doesn’t live with regrets.

When you’re inked up, you can’t really be too regretful. Tattoos don’t come with receipts or mulligans, so once you cross that line – there usually ain’t no going back. At least not without some type of laser surgery.

14. Your parents will always remember her.

“How’s your girlfriend doing, you know, the one with all the tattoos.” Yeah, so don't worry about them forgetting to prepare a seat at the table for her next Christmas.

15. She’s confident expressing herself.

She knows her own self-worth and she shows confidence in her own views. This is why she has no inhibitions about telling certain stories through tattoos on her body.

She doesn't worry about what conclusions you might draw from them, or what you think about her because of them. She's comfortable with herself and allows this to be very transparent.