It's Not All About You: 11 Ways To Give Her What She Wants In The Bedroom

by Eddy Baller

A common complaint about sex from women is that their men aren't satisfying them. In fact, there's even a survey that claims the majority of women prefer chocolate to sex. What? Obviously men are making a bad name for themselves, and it's time to raise the bar.

It's not as hard to please a woman as you may think; just put some effort into it.

If you think you're a natural in bed, there's a good chance you're delusional. Just like with any skill, you have to actually learn how to do it properly, and every woman will like things a bit differently. Basically, one size doesn't fit all.

Here are the insider secrets of how men can make sex better for women:

Last Longer

The average man only lasts about two to seven minutes, which is way less than what it takes the average woman to be satisfied. While this is really unacceptable, it makes it easier for some of us to look like superstars.

Make Her Come First

If you can make your partner come first, and maybe even another time, then you will be golden.

Pay Attention

If you're not paying attention to your partner, then you won't learn what makes her feel good. A lot of sexual cues are subtle, not porn-star obvious.


If you don't know what she likes, then ask. The only problem with asking is that some women aren't open to talking about it, so you'll have to be a detective to figure it out. Communication skills are critical here.

Don't Ask

If you're in the middle of sex, you should have an open line of communication, but don't go into interview mode. Asking one question after another is a turnoff.

Get Rough

Too many men are afraid of getting rough, which only leaves their partners' sexual fantasies unfulfilled. Experiment and find out where the line is.

Pay Attention To Your Body

Rhythm, pressure and hitting the right spots will make or break it for satisfying your partner. Put in the time, enjoy yourself and figure out exactly how to push her buttons.

Massage Before Sex

Most of the time, you want to warm up your partner before getting more intimate. Starting with a massage — a great massage — is one of the best ways to warm up her body.

Massage During Sex

You can continue the massage when you're in the middle of sex, as well. But, this necessitates some coordination to make the rhythm work well.

Take Charge

I've heard the complaint before: “My boyfriend just doesn't know how to take charge.” Don't wait for her to do it; you have to lead if you want to really turn her on.

Express Yourself

Many guys are quiet in bed, but don't follow their lead. Use your voice and don't be afraid to make some noise.

All things considered, most of what is required to create a great sex life is about putting in the effort, paying attention to detail and slowing down so your partner can enjoy the experience, too.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It