The Life Lessons You Learn From Dating A Frat Star

by Anonymous

In college, there are the lessons you will learn in the classroom and the lessons you will learn out of it, but those former lessons aren’t what are going to stick with you for the rest of your life. The most memorable moments will not be discussed in lectures, but will be actual real life experiences. Those are the stories you will laugh about over and over with your friends and never forget.

 You will relish in this insight and pass it along to your girl friends, hoping to prepare them for their next fraternity endeavor. This first hand intel is vital and will help you better navigate your relationships in college.

Let’s take a look at the 11 lessons you learn from dating a guy who lives in a frat house:

1. Men basically have no living standards

Entering the communal restroom in a frat house will make you never want to step foot in another male’s bathroom ever again. They don’t give a sh*t that they essentially live in their own filth, more so they embrace it. Shotgunning beers in the shower just to let them roll around the floor spilling everywhere -- disgusting. Their kitchen tends to be in a similar state, so don’t even think of eating anything that comes out of there.

2. Get used to someone watching you have sex

The downfall of a frat house is that more than likely your boyfriend will have a roommate, and 8 times out of 10, this roommate will be in the room when you have sex. Hopefully these beds are stacked on top of one another, but for the not so lucky -- they may be side by side.

3. Sunday = no girls allowed

Sunday is “man day” filled with weed, wings and football. Don’t be that girl who doesn’t understand this concept or else the rest of his friends will probably hate you. You can sleep over Saturday night, but you better believe you’re getting your ass out of there before the clock strikes noon.

4. There is no shame in the walk of shame

The fact that you are walking home from your boyfriend’s house eliminates the shame in the walk of shame. Yes, it sucks if he can’t offer you a ride home...but at least it wasn’t a one-night stand, it’s your boyfriend. Hold your head high and turn it into a stride of pride while you laugh to yourself about all the other girls you pass on your journey.

5. Men will have sex with anyone, anywhere

You see a lot of sh*t when you spend ample amounts of time in a frat house: the good, the bad and the ugly. Drunk and horny college men essentially have no standards when they are inebriated out of their damn minds. You don’t understand why this hard 9 is bringing home a soft 5 until you look at his eyes and realize they are rolled to the back of his head. How many times have you walked in on a person having sex in the kitchen, shower or stairwell? It happens much more so than you would think.

6. The art of drugs

Decadent Lifestyle 

You know the first time you saw someone snort a line of cocaine and you got a little antsy? Well, this is a daily activity in a frat house. Lucky for you, the consumption of drugs becomes de-sensationalized, alleviating any anxiety you might experience in future situations. You learn what it really means when brothers start removing their full-length mirrors from the wall and flipping the tiles of their coffee tables. Plus they will probably give you free weed from time to time and that’s always a bonus. No drug dealer will ever rip you off again because you can perfectly eye out a gram, an eighth and a quarter.

7. Guys talk way more sh*t than girls

Some of the time you are going to be hanging out with your boyfriend and a bunch of his friends. You think by doing so that you will avoid the gossipy nature of your fellow female friends, but much to your dismay, you realize that guys gossip much more and in far graver detail than girls do. Every sexual encounter they have will be analyzed, picked apart and open for discussion. Chances are whomever they have hooked up with will reach the listserv.

8. The telltale signs of a cheater

Any of the following signs: if the door is locked and you’re banging on it, he’s hooking up with someone else; he invites you over and then is nowhere to be found, you walk in the house and his brothers ask you what you’re doing get the gist. You also have the opportunity to watch his fellow brothers manipulate their girlfriends and learn what alternative meanings their actions have.

9. The art of deception

There are unwritten rules when spending ample amounts of time in a frat house. Chances are you are somewhat friends with one of the other brother’s girlfriends just from being in the house often. The sh*t that goes on behind the house doors is not to be discussed outside, so if this guy happens to slip up and cheat on his girlfriend, you can never say a word. You may not, under any circumstances, rat out his frat bros cheating on their girlfriends if you ever want to step foot in the house again.

10. The importance of making friends with other guys' girlfriends


Formal is that time of the year that many college girls look forward to. You get to dress up, drink a sh*t ton of high-class free alcohol and hang out with your date. As fun as these events can be, they can also suck if your boyfriend is in a sh*tty frat and the girlfriends of his friends are not that fun. You need to actively find at least one girl that you know you can have fun with to make the dated function that more fun.

11. Never steal their letters

This is a huge deal breaker, it doesn’t matter if he's your boyfriend -- under no circumstances can you ever steal a piece of clothing with frat letters on it. If you do manage to steal a hoody or t-shirt, you can never wear it in public or your boyfriend will be incessantly ridiculed and more than likely beaten by his brothers.