10 Simple Things Your GF Does That'll Make You Realize She's The One

Sometimes hard to tell whether or not the girl you are with is wife material... and other times, it's so obvious.

Here are 10 things to help you in your quest to discover whether or not she's the one.

You deserve love, and you'll get it.

1. She doesn't judge you for your past, present or future.

So you aspire to be the world's fastest hotdog eater or the pub crawl champion on St. Patrick's Day — and even with these aspirations, your girl doesn't judge you for it.

2. She let's you be you.

When you started dating, you probably always made sure you were dressed to the nines.

You'd never let her see your dressed down, wearing track pants or the same shirt twice.

But now that you've been together a few months (or years), she doesn't mind that you still wear your Superman shirt every Saturday morning and eat cereal to the tune of Saturday cartoons.

She appreciates you being yourself.


3. She enjoys surprising you.

A girlfriend who uses her day off prepare an amazing dinner and her famous cinnamon rolls is a keeper!

If she is willing to give up a day to do something especially for you – put a ring on it.

4. She's successful with and without you.

No one wants a girl who relies solely on her partner to provide for her; unless the goal is to be a trophy wife.

A woman who doesn't let her partner define her or be her sole purpose is a woman worth keeping.

5. She isn't afraid to speak her mind.

A woman who shares her thoughts and speaks her mind is one of the most attractive traits. A good relationship is one where you can share without judgment.

A passionate woman is worth the chaos.

6. You can do the most boring, mundane thing, but with her, it's an adventure.

Never did I think I would say doing groceries would be fun, but with my girl, it's a thrill.

A woman who can make what you once dreaded enjoyable means your future together will be an adventure.

7. She's low maintenance.

A girl who would rather stay home, make pasta from scratch, wear PJs and drink wine than go to the opening of a new Italian restaurant is down to earth.

That doesn't mean your girl should always be cheap – it just means a girl in it for the long haul will be happy doing a combination of both fancy and low-key activities.

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8. She embodies “Mrs. Independent.”

So often do you hear that stereotype that men (or women) are threatened by women's success.

To me, an independent woman is anything to fear — on the contrary, she should be celebrated.

9. She makes you a better person.

A woman who can, without force, stop you from vices that once ruled your life is a woman who is worth everything.

In a life that seems so long ago, I use to let certain things control my life and once I met my fiancée, she didn't force me to change nor did she stop me.

I wanted to stop for her.

A woman who can (with a simple look) make you want to better yourself is really all you'll ever need in life.

10. She's your best friend.

Yes, we probably all have that one friend we tell everything to, but if your girl is someone who you can share not only fears and secrets with, but truly be yourself, the question I ask you is: What are you waiting for?

The best love makes you a better person without changing you into someone other than yourself.