10 Reasons Why Your New Year's Resolution Is To Be In A New Relationship

Whether you’re a homely, hopeless romantic or a stunningly handsome, psychopathic manipulator, at some point you’ve surely seen an elderly couple holding hands and you paused for a moment, wondering if one day that could be you.

Don’t be ashamed that you’re hoping for love — at some point, every person will slip into a fit of romance. The main difference between people who admit this desire for love and those who don’t is the belief one can and will actually experience it.

Be honest, you're resolved to get yourself someone special in the new year and here’s why:

1.You enjoy being the center of [someone’s] attention

Random text messages in the morning. Surprise visits at work. Your heart pumps faster when you know that someone is thinking about you. It simply makes you glow.

2. You desire sexual companionship

Sure, you can get yourself to that ultimate level of satisfaction, but there is nothing like a shared experience with another warm body peaking at the same time as you.

It reminds you that largely, life is about an explosion of love (in this case, a very literal one). And while you’re in a monogamous relationship with someone that your body craves, the result will be that much more special.

3. You want to feel protected

Even if you’re incredibly strong, sometimes it’s nice to slink back and be babied. You want to feel like you don’t have to flex your muscles and bare your teeth when any potential villain appears along your path.

It’s comforting to know that when things get troubling, someone is standing alongside you, making you feel secure.

4. You enjoy caring for someone else

You love to help. You love to provide support. Thinking of others and meeting their unspoken needs is thrilling for you. You pride yourself for your thoughtfulness and resourcefulness.

You can’t wait to make someone smile on a daily basis. You’re the most satisfied when your partner is satisfied and cared for well.

5. You feel completely accepted

Maybe you don’t have the flattest belly; your special someone doesn’t care. Maybe you just finished working out, so now, you’re sweating and kind of repulsive; your love loves it.

You just woke up and haven’t had a chance to freshen up; your partner kisses you square on the lips because it doesn’t matter. This person isn’t with you for the superficial reasons — this person’s with you because you’re you.

6. You love having a cheerleader

Whether it’s your first day at a new job or a championship game in which you’re playing, you can count on your significant other to be there, to smile, high five you and to remind you that you’re awesome.

7. It feels great that someone understands you

When you look at your partner and squint your eyes, like a secret language, it’s obvious what you’re trying to communicate. You don’t have to apologize for a seemingly weird idiosyncrasy, like crying on Friday the 13th because a bus hit your dog on that day — your significant other already knows this.

You know it’s okay to blow off a date because your partner understands that impressing your boss on a new project means a lot to you. You’re understood and it’s an amazing feeling.

8. Doing nothing with someone else makes life so much better

If you’re staying in, you’re not alone. Your partner is staying in with you too. You don’t have to get dressed; your socks have holes in them; you’re still wearing last night’s makeup.

Nothing productive happens today, but you couldn’t care less. In a way, your partner is like your left leg — you don’t notice it until you need to lean on something for some extra support.

9. There’s a chance you’ll be exposed to something wonderful

Remember the time he showed you that magic trick that ended up impressing your new coworkers? What about that counter-intuitively amazing pizza combination of pineapple and sausage pizza?

There are some experiences in life that you wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) trade for anything in the world, plenty of which are the result of that smiling stranger who walked into your life and decided to stick around.

10. At your deepest core, you do believe in soul mates

You say you don’t believe in soul mates, but like true romance, you’re a closet believer. Maybe you wonder if you’ll have the chance to meet your soul mate, or if it was a missed connection.

Something inside of you begs you to stay open, to believe and to try. Maybe the statistics are wrong. Maybe your friends are wrong too. Maybe you’ll meet your soul mate without even trying. Maybe someone, somewhere is thinking about you right now.

Top Photo Credit: Shutterstock