Winnie Harlow attends The Fashion Awards 2023 ahead of choosing her fave 2023 beauty trend.

Winnie Harlow Gives This 2023 Beauty Trend Her Seal Of Approval

Plus, how Barbie changed her go-to makeup look.

Almost a decade after kickstarting her career on America’s Next Top Model, Winnie Harlow continues to be a fashion and beauty trendsetter — and to push boundaries in both industries. In addition to staying booked and busy with major modeling gigs, the Victoria’s Secret alum also recently released inclusive skin care line Cay Skin. As 2023 comes to a close, Harlow’s looking back on yet another banner year, dishing on the TikTok makeup trend she’s been coveting, why she’s here for Barbie-inspired glam, plus the beauty tip she swears by “every single day.”

On the heels of her Create Real Magic holiday campaign with Coca-Cola — which sheds light on the brand’s AI tool that helps you build Christmas cards that truly represent *you* — the 29-year-old runway regular was quick to admit that she’s far from a beauty trend follower. “I might try a new color of blush or something, but I just do whatever I feel,” the supermodel tells Elite Daily, adding, “I like watching trends on TikTok, though.”

The one she’s personally a fan of continues to be a fave for beauty girlies. “I think watching strawberry [girl] makeup is really, really cool,” she says of the viral foodie-inspired trend, “especially seeing how different it looks on different skin tones.”

Amy Sussman/WireImage/Getty Images

Similarly, the activist — who previously opened up about starting Cay Skin after struggling to find a sunscreen brand that caters to darker skin tones — says she’s been enjoying how tried and true makeup products are getting a fresh makeover for more diverse audiences. Case in point: Barbie pink blush, which jumped in popularity after the release of the Margot Robbie-led movie earlier this year.

“I tend to go for more of a orangey coral type color blush, but I think Barbie pink blush was something that was really trendy this year,” she says. “It’s been really cool seeing how people cater it to their skin tone. Once upon a time, certain colors like that ... would have a white cast and would leave more of an ashy tone on darker skin.”

Harlow is now a hot pink blush convert: “I had a makeup artist try it on me recently, and I actually really liked it.”

Trends aside, the model’s go-to beauty tip is something that everyone can get behind. “I swear by wearing SPF every single day,” she says. “I really love the idea of preventative [products] and maintaining healthy skin. So many times, we’re looking for a quick fix, but I think healthy skin is beautiful skin.”