Everything you need to make sure your trip is easy, fun, and totally Instagrammable.

By Brittany Leitner

InStytutum Facial Sheet Masks
In your everyday life, it can be hard to take time to yourself and spend 20 minutes lying still with a face mask. That's why being on a plane is the perfect time to use a sheet mask: It'll keep you busy, and your skin is probably begging for rehydration at 30,000 feet in the air. These InStytutum masks are filled with collagen and antioxidants that naturally plump your skin and provide maximum hydration, so you land feeling refreshed and ready to go.
Pop and Suki Bigger Makeup Case
For me, traveling gets instantly more exciting when you have accessories that not only simplify your packing, but also make everything — from your Instagrams to your Airbnb setup — look much cuter. This makeup case is the chicest version of a classic toiletry bag. The inside is lined with easily wipeable plastic and big enough to carry all your checked-bag skincare products, makeup removers, and whatever else you need to be as comfortable as possible in a foreign city. The best part? You can monogram your bag in script or block font.
Olive + M Body Oil
One of the best parts of escaping your tiny apartment for a hotel or Airbnb rental is the opportunity to take total advantage of a luxe bathtub (hey, it's the little things). In case my rental comes furnished with an out-of-this-world tub, I make sure to pack bath oils and bath bombs to give myself a spa experience for less than half the price. This body oil will refresh your skin after hours of sightseeing — just throw a few drops in the bath to unwind with grapefruit and sage scents.
Fjallraven Backpack
The last thing you need when you're pumped about a full day of exploring is to worry about literally crumbling under the weight of your bag. This tiny, square-shaped backpack is a fan favorite, and the shape allows you to stuff everything you need inside and sling it behind you so your hands stay free for tons of Instagram content.
Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Blemish Eraser
It can be hard to travel with your full skincare routine (ugh, TSA regulations), which means your skin might totally freak out within 24 hours of leaving home. If you're trying to travel light, but not totally ready to part with your beloved products, pack these zit busters in case of a skin emergency. Just stick them on a blemish and watch it fade within six hours.
Silvon Self-Cleaning Bath Towel
These towels are perfect for traveling for long periods of time and Airbnb-hopping on a budget — especially since you never know what you're going to find in someone's bathroom. They're made with antimicrobial silver, which prevents 99 percent of bacteria build up from happening before it even starts, which means you can wash this towel at the start of your trip and it'll stay fresh and clean no matter where you jet to next.
Richer Poorer Bralette
This bralette runs true to size, and is literally the perfect under-the-t-shirt bra for long flights, museum-hopping days. and bar-hopping nights. Shrink-resistant and featuring a wide and flexible elastic band, you'll be able to forget you're even wearing a bra, all while enjoying full coverage and knowing you had to pack one less thing in your suitcase.
Billie Razor Starter Set
If you choose to shave (for whatever reason), and are constantly annoyed at the cost of products, Billie has set out to rival men's shaving clubs by gifting women the luxury of smooth skin without all the "pink tax." The starter kit includes a razor handle, two five-blade cartridges, and (the best part!) a magnetic holder that you can easily remove and tack on to any wall to keep your razor ready to use at all times.
Frank and Oak Muscle Tank
For a long flight, you need something uber soft, effortlessly chic, and flexible enough to pair with multiple different outfits. This tank fits the bill, and it's perfect to wear with a light hoodie, so you can catch up on sleep on the plane while you head off to your next destination.
iOttie Wireless Fast Charging Pad
One of the most annoying parts of traveling is finding the time — and space — to charge your phone. When you finally have the opportunity to charge it, you need something that works fast. This charging pad is so easy to use that you don't even have to plug your phone into it — just place your phone on top of the pad and it begins charging faster than a standard wall plugin. You can even plug multiple devices into the single charging station for a group charge at the local cafe while you re-up on coffee.
STEP, Smart Traveler Enrollment Plan
Whether you're a frequent traveler or just nervous about heading to a new place, enrolling in the STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Plan) program through the U.S. Embassy is a great way to calm your nerves when out of the country. You can rest assured that your home country knows exactly where you are and how to reach you if there's ever an emergency — whether that's a natural disaster, a passport issue, or just a family member from home needing to get in contact with you.
Verizon TravelPass
For $5 per day in Mexico and Canada (and $10 per day in more than 130 countries), Verizon's TravelPass makes it easy to know what your bill will be before you travel, so you don't get slammed with unexpected fees on your return. Use Verizon's online trip planner to set up TravelPass, and configure your bill before you even leave the country.
For a $20 styling fee (the price goes up for a more senior-level stylist), get a custom look sent your way — no matter where in the world you are — that caters to the occasion you're shopping for. Beach day? Anniversary dinner? Fun trip with the girls? Wishi has style advice for everyone, and here's the best part: If you can't afford any new pieces, you can upload pictures of items you already own and the stylist will create new ways for you to wear them. It's the ultimate outfit inspo destination.
WiFi Map
Not all phone carriers have caught up to making using data abroad easy and painless (and affordable!), so if you're trying to save data whenever possible, download this WiFi map ahead of your trip. It allows you to find the quickest WiFi source near you, so you can sort out your must-see spots and get moving as soon as possible.