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3 Women With Different Hair Types Try The Lived-In Hair Look

By Deanna Pai

There’s a time and a place for most hairstyles. A fresh blowout is perfect for date night, while waterfall braids look totally at home at any music festival. Lived-in hair, on the other hand, is the sort of style you can wear anytime, anywhere. For real: It looks just as good on the boardwalk as it does at your friend’s wedding. With its touchable texture and volume, it’s basically the easiest way to make a good hair day happen without working too hard to get it.

If lived-in hair isn't on your radar yet, here's a quick explainer: It's like bedhead but way better, with natural-looking, back-from-the-beach waves and an effortlessly tousled texture. It offers all the perks of second-day hair (forever our #hairgoals) without the wait. We partnered with Sexy Hair to show you how just easy it is to recreate for yourself. Read up and consider your hair set for summer.

With the right steps, even full-on curls can look undone and breezy. The trick is to mist on a texturizing spray when hair is dry, which helps separate and define spirals so they look more piece-y. A formula like Sexy Hair Texture Surfer Girl “adds great texture to any style and has such a low hold that your hair feels soft and touchable,” says hairstylist Katrina Cahill. And with 24-hour humidity resistance, it makes frizz seem so last summer.

If you were born with waves, you're already halfway there to the lived-in hair look. You just need a mousse-like foam, like Sexy Hair Texture Foam Party, to take them to the next level. “It adds extra shine and great hold while enhancing natural texture,” says Cahill. “It's perfect for anyone who likes no-fuss routines.” Plus, because this delivers texture, hold, and shine, you don't need any other products — so it's just as effortless as it looks.

When you're working with straight hair, turn to a product that delivers a combo of hold, volume, and texture. Sexy Hair Texture Beach'n Spray offers all three, which is why Cahill used it for this style. “It's great to scrunch in damp hair, blow-dry or air-dry, and go,” she says. “It keeps hair's natural shine and gives it that great beach-y texture without any crunchy feel.” And if you slept in, good news: A spritz or two works just as well on unwashed hair to revive the original look.

This post is sponsored by Sexy Hair.

Photography: Nick Eucker; Makeup: Julianna Grogan; Hair: Katrina Cahill; Prop Styling: Anna Lemi; Art Direction & Design: Diana Weisman/BDG; Branded Beauty Leads: Lexi Novak & Irma Elezovic/BDG; Production: Nancy Valev/BDG