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9 Kylie Jenner Outfits That Just Roar "Leo Energy"

Major vibes here.

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Kylie Jenner always makes waves with her style, but her ensemble for Paris Fashion Week 2023, when she wore a faux lion's head, took things to new heights.

As a Leo, she's no stranger to dressing like her zodiac sign. Here are nine more looks that confirm her bold Leo nature:

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Kylie tends to frequently wear the color red, and as a fire sign, it makes total sense. This is a color that not only draws attention (something Leos live for), but it also boosts their confidence.

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As the sun-ruled sign of the zodiac, Kylie is all about glitz and glamor (have you seen her closet?). Leos are major lovers of all things sparkly, and never shy away from being the brightest, most dazzling person in any room.

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Every zodiac sign rules over a specific part of the body, and Leo rules over the heart, spine, and hair. As someone who’s widely known for her bold hairstyles, Kylie embodies her zodiac sign through frequently switching up her tresses.

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Nothing says “I’m a Leo” like a bright pink wig!

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Leo individuals are all about drama, and their outfits are no exception. They’re not afraid to be the center of attention — in fact, they prefer it that way.

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There’s just something about a Leo in animal print.

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If anyone can pull off a sparkly headpiece, it’s a Leo.

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The nickname “King Kylie” is no coincidence — Leos are always down to dress like royalty.

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If you ask a Leo, this outfit is considered “casual”.


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