The Zodiac Signs As Taylor Swift Midnights Songs

You’re not on your own this time, kid.

Aries: “Question...?”

Midnights’ seventh track is about confronting someone for answers. Aries won’t rest until they reach closure, raising questions like, “Does it feel like everything's just like second best after that meteor strike?”

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Taurus: “Maroon”

“Maroon” is about lovers sharing intimate moments in an apartment as they listen to vinyl and burn incense. This song will tug at Taureans’ heartstrings and bring up passionate memories to mull over forever.

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Gemini: “Anti-Hero”

The line, “I should not be left to my own devices,” is a hard hitter for playful and chaotic Geminis. They’re known for their *bad reputations*, and are guilty of ghosting people and acting recklessly.

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Cancer: “Snow On The Beach”

Romantic Cancers can’t get enough of “Snow On The Beach,” as they sway along to the melody that makes you feel like you’re falling in love at the shore. Bonus: Fellow Cancer Lana Del Rey is featured on the track.

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Leo: “Bejeweled”

“What's a girl gonna do? A diamond's gotta shine.” This fire sign’s superpower is tapping into their inner light, and letting it radiate. Just like in “Bejeweled,” confident Leos “polish up real nice” and effortlessly make the “whole place shimmer.”

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Virgo: “Mastermind”

Virgos are the masterminds of the zodiac, for their attention to detail and clever communication tactics. They like to lay the groundwork for their long-term schemes and “then, just like clockwork,” watch them unfold exactly as they planned.

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Libra: “Sweet Nothing”

“Sweet Nothing” is a love story paired with tender lines that hopeless romantic Libras will want to whisper to their forever bae. Swift’s own love Joe Alwyn is even credited as a co-writer on this song.

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Scorpio: “Vigilante Sh*t”

“Vigilante Sh*t” is *the* anthem for Scorpio SZN, as you start dressin’ for revenge (and Halloween). Swift reminds us that the key to winning the long game is simple: “Don't get sad, get even.”

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Sagittarius: “Midnight Rain”

Swift is a fiery Sagittarius, which means she’s born to run free. “Midnight Rain” is the ultimate anthem for Sagittarians, who refuse to stay tied down in outdated roles and restlessly need to “make their own name.”

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Capricorn: “Karma”

Though Capricorn is described as a hard worker, they’re also connected to the sentiment of “reaping what you sow.” For them, “karma’s a relaxing thought, aren't you envious that for you it's not?”

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Aquarius: “Labyrinth”

You can usually find Aquarians lost in the labyrinth of their own minds, pacing over memories of past lovers and failed experiments. The only known cure: “Breathe in, breathe through, breathe deep, breathe out.”

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Pisces: “Lavender Haze”

“Lavender Haze” is all about staying in a blissful bubble of love and dreamy lust. Imaginative and sensitive Pisces knows what it’s like to dance to their own beat and let their emotions whisk them into a “love spiral.”

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