Scorpio Season Is Over, And Every Zodiac Sign Is Feeling It

Bring on Sagittarius season, please.

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Scorpio season 2021 ends on Nov. 21 at 3:57 a.m. ET.

If the past few weeks have been intense, you can thank Scorpio season. This passionate and highly intuitive water sign is marked by its ability to create undeniable change. Now that Scorpio season is coming to an end and Sagittarius season is on its way, each zodiac sign will walk away transformed. Here's how:


Scorpio season encouraged you to rethink the way you're investing your time and energy. It may have inspired you to break away from draining commitments and unburden yourself. As Scorpio season ends, you'll be in a better position to explore new opportunities without limitations.


Your relationships may have changed during Scorpio season. The truth of where you and your loved ones stand was made apparent, revealing everyone's intentions. As you go forward, you might now have a better understanding of who you trust and who you're ready to commit to.


You spent Scorpio season refining your daily routine, prioritizing your wellness, and committing to practices that bring out the best in you. You may feel more organized now, which puts you in a better position to form relationships that are in line with your intentions.


During Scorpio season, you reconnected with romance and all the things that bring you pure, unadulterated joy. In fact, you may be walking away from the experience with new sources of creative inspiration. Now, you're ready to put your ideas into practice and do the work.


You probably spent Scorpio season searching for things that make you feel like you belong. Perhaps you spent more time at home with loved ones, remembering where you come from. Now that you're rested, you're feeling ready to do something that makes you feel creative and alive.


During Scorpio season, you might have felt more social, talkative, and inspired by intellectual exchange. You may have started new conversations and caught up on your emails. Now that Scorpio season is over, you may feel more introverted and ready to indulge in some rest.


You may have spent Scorpio season creating more stability in your world. Whether that looks like setting new financial goals or simple reducing the drama in your life, you may be feeling more grounded. Now, it's time to get out there and talk about all the great ideas you have.


Scorpio season helped you get to know yourself better, gain your independence, and embrace confidence in who you are. Now that you've spent time treating yourself and honoring your journey, it's time to rethink your value system. What matters to you? What can you live without?


If you felt more introverted during Scorpio season, it makes sense. You spent time listening to your inner voice and reconnecting with your spirituality. Now that you've embraced so much healing, you're ready to come out of your shell and show the world what you're made of.


You spent Scorpio season cultivating your vision for how you can make the world a better place. You may have even worked with your community in search of a higher purpose. Now, you may be more in the mood to rest and reconnect with your spirituality. Slip into a dreamworld.


Scorpio season encouraged you to move forward with your professional goals. It helped you tap into your inner competitor and embrace the ambition needed to achieve your dreams. Now, you're ready to network and meet the people who can help you make your dreams happen.


Scorpio season was filled with adventure. You probably spent the past few weeks embracing new perspectives, taking advantage of new opportunities, and gaining wisdom along the way. Now, you're in a beautiful position commit to your goals and watch your career skyrocket.


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