Sagittarius Season Ends On Dec. 21, Which Means Big Things For Your Zodiac Sign

It’s time to get to work.

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Sagittarius season 2021 ends on Dec. 21 at 10:53 AM EST.

As the expansive, idealistic sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius season encouraged you to broaden your horizons and think outside the box. As hopeful as this season is, it’s coming to an end so that Capricorn season can help you get your affairs in order before the year’s end. Here’s how Sagittarius season ending will affect your sign:

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Sagittarius season prompted you to reevaluate your spiritual practices in a way that’s open-minded. As it ends, it’ll leave you with the reminder that it’s always important to have something to believe in. How are you going to continue to prioritize spiritual growth?

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You’ve been prompted to pay attention to the boundaries in your relationships that are (or aren’t) in place during Sagittarius season. As it closes it out, it’ll leave you with the important reminder that other people’s issues aren’t your responsibility. Your desire to keep the peace is admirable, but it shouldn’t indicate that you have to put yourself last.

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Relationships and partnerships have been a huge theme for you this past month, and as Sagittarius season comes to an end, you’ll be inspired to remember that your relationships should be freeing you, not limiting you. You can also find ways to prioritize your curious, inquisitive nature without having to sacrifice your love life.

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Your health, wellness, and routines have been big priorities during Sagittarius season, and as it comes to a close, the lessons that linger are here to remind you that taking care of your body can’t be something that you neglect. How do you expect to fully show up for others if you’re not physically able to?

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As the sun-ruled sign of the zodiac, it’s essential that you allow yourself to show up confidently, and as Sagittarius season ends, it’ll remind you that your creativity is what makes you so unique. Express yourself as loudly and as proudly as you want; there are no rules, and seeking validation from other people will always leave you hanging.

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Your home and family life has taken precedence this season. As Sagittarius season ends, you’ll be prompted to reflect on some of the shifts that need to take place at home. You tend to need a certain level of freedom under your roof. How are you cultivating that?

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As an air sign, it’s essential that you’re constantly learning new things, and that’s precisely what Sagittarius season was all about for you. As it comes to an end, you’ll be left to reflect on the new studies you took up, or the new book you started to read. You’ve got a lot to share, so it’s important that you stay sharp.

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Money and resources have been a huge theme for you as of late, and with Sagittarius season coming to an end, you’ll be reminded to exercise a sense of freedom with your spending. You tend to like to have a firm grasp on many things in your life, but you work hard, and should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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As your season comes to a close, you’ll be left with a newfound sense of freedom within yourself. While balancing your need for autonomy has been a challenge, this season ending will remind you that your desire for continuous growth is possible, with or without a partner by your side.

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While this has likely been a period of deep introspection, Sagittarius season ending will leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed, just in time for your season to begin. You aren’t one who typically likes to slow down, but the rest was necessary. This season is your reminder that you can’t continue to run yourself dry without taking a moment to catch your breath.

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Sagittarius season likely caused your social life to surge, and as it comes to an end, it’ll be important for you to reflect on how supportive your friendships and alliances are. Your connections should be freeing you, not holding you back. If they are, it may be time to cut them loose.

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As Sagittarius season comes to a close, you’ll be prompted to reflect on the newfound career changes you’ve begun to embark on. Your profession should feel like an extension of yourself, not a place where you have to hide who you are. If the work that you’re doing doesn’t support your dreams, it may be time to make a change.

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