The Luckiest Day In October Will Be Uplifting For Every Zodiac Sign

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by Valerie Mesa
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‘Tis a new month, which means ‘tis a new set of cosmos to consider. While this month’s astro-weather will keep you on your toes, the luckiest day of October 2022 will be charming and uplifting for every zodiac sign.

On Oct. 22, the sun will join forces with Venus — the planet of charm, grace and relationships — in Libra. The sun is symbolic of the ego and one’s physical identity, while coquettish Venus epitomizes the cherry on top of the fluffy whipped cream. This charming synergy can be equal parts uplifting and powerful. How will you cultivate this energy for your highest good?

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Aries (March 21—April 19)

Communication is key, which is especially significant for you to consider on Oct. 22. Important bonds will be solidified, your words carry more weight than usual, and you're sure to make a charming impression wherever you go. Harness this energy wisely.

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Taurus (April 20—May 20)

Come Oct. 22, you’ll be feeling yourself more than usual, so expect a significant breakthrough. There will be something both uplifting and harmonious happening simultaneously. Being mindful of your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being will help you continue to thrive in your personal and professional life.

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Gemini (May 21—June 20)

Celebrate your unique gifts , because you are hogging the spotlight under Oct. 22’s stellar skies. There’s no denying your sparkling charisma, and you have the mindset and determination to conquer the world.

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Cancer (June 21—July 22)

Make yourself at home, because that’s your sanctuary. There’s no better time than Oct. 22 to get cozy. Being comfortable in your skin and your emotions is also likely, so no need to rush the healing process if you’re going through a rough patch.

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Leo (July 23—Aug. 22)

Count your blessings, and make sure your immediate network’s included. When was the last time you hung out with your besties? The astrology of Oct. 22 is supporting your bonds and friendship with strength and stability, so all you have to do is pick up the phone.

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Virgo (Aug. 23—Sept. 22)

You’re an expert at the harvesting process, and your salt-of-the-earth ways are incredibly healing when cultivated properly — make sure to utilize them on Oct. 22. Themes surrounding your comfort, finances, and sense of security will also be in abundance, as you’re being called to set intentions for the future you crave and deserve.

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Libra (Sept. 23—Oct. 22)

Oct. 22 will be one of those days when you get to revel in your planetary ruler Venus’ sweet essence. The sun will join forces with lovely Venus in your sign, which will adorn your auric field with beauty, grace, and a lovable lure. Don’t believe me? Take a selfie.

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Scorpio (Oct. 23—Nov. 21)

You’ve always thrived on your own, and wholeheartedly enjoy keeping to yourself. However, despite this already being one of your favorite hobbies, the astro-weather of Oct. 22 is touching upon your house of closure, dreams and inhibitions, leading to an even more enjoyable place of solitude. Enjoy this mini hiatus.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22—Dec. 21)

The astro-weather of Oct. 22 will bring harmony, abundance, and sweetness to your social sector, so gather with your besties, and do what you do best: Carpe diem. The more you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone, the more likely you are to thrive.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22—Jan. 19)

You’ll make a lovely impression on the world on Oct. 22. Not only will the astro-weather lend a helping hand to your career, but it’ll also bring discipline and structure to monetary themes and your overall sense of security. This is a big mood for you, and you earned it.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20—Feb. 18)

When was the last time you took a trip somewhere with someone you love? Even if it’s on your own or with your BFFs, the cosmos on Oct. 22 will bring harmony and sweetness to your worldly pursuits. If you’re not traveling, per se, this could revolve around a love interest you’re connecting with, but at a distance. It’s a beautiful day, so make it count.

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Pisces (Feb. 19—March 20)

You’re in the midst of a significant relationship transformation. With Oct. 22’s cosmic weather affecting your soul mate connections, something important is either being illuminated to you, or reflected back to you.

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