The 1 Day In March Everyone Should Look Forward To Isn’t The Spring Equinox

I’m counting the days.

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On March 5, the sun and Jupiter — the planet of growth and abundance — will be conjoining in Pisces, offering expansive, idealistic opportunities for every sign. There are no limits during this transit, so anything is possible.

Here’s what your zodiac sign can expect:


On March 5, the sun and Jupiter will offer growth and expansion for your inner world. This is a great time for your mental health, and can be used to meditate on your dreams and ideals for your future. Any mental blocks you’ve been struggling with may lift during this period, so be sure to make the most of it.

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Your will experience optimistic growth and expansion when it comes to your friendship circles on March 5. Opportunities through alliances are imminent now, so be sure to use your connections on this day.

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On March 5, the sun and Jupiter will offer new, expansive success and opportunities in your professional endeavors. This is a great day to apply for a higher position or a raise, so be sure to test your luck. The planets are definitely on your side today.

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Today is all about broadening your horizons, so be sure to enroll in that class you’ve been eyeing, or book that flight out of the country. Whatever you choose to do, it will definitely teach you something new.

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The astrology on March 5 will invite growth and expansion in your life through financial support from others. Whether it’s a romantic partner or simply someone lending a helping hand, you can expect this day to be full of opportunity, so be sure to take advantage of it.

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Your romantic relationships and partnerships could blossom on March 5. Whether it’s a budding relationship with a new flame, or a business partnership, you can expect to really benefit from your connections on this day.

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The cosmos on March 5 will invite expansive opportunities for growth in your wellness and daily practices. Now is the perfect time to try out different forms of holistic rituals, or find ways to connect your spirituality to your day to day life.

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On March 5, you’ll see idealistic expansion in your creativity. If you have any artistic projects you’ve been working on, your ideas will be flowing effortlessly on this day. Now is the time to prioritize what makes you happy.

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The sun and your chart ruler, Jupiter, will emphasize opportunities in your home and family life on March 5. This is a great day to spend with your loved ones, or even a good time to go house hunting. You’ll be feeling incredibly hopeful about where you see yourself settling down.

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Opportunities for mental growth and expansion are coming your way on March 5. This is the perfect day to share any of your ideals and dreams with others. They will definitely be well-received.

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Allow newfound opportunities to come your way pertaining to your finances on March 5. This is a great day to set some intentions around wealth, because you’ll definitely be feeling optimistic about your money during this time.

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As the sun and your chart ruler, Jupiter, join forces on March 5, you’ll be feeling hopeful and optimistic for your future. This is a great day to get the ball rolling on any of your future hopes and dreams. You’ll definitely have the cosmos on your side today.

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