The Weeknd's Most Iconic Music Video Looks Are All So Extra

I can’t wait to see what Dawn FM has in store.


The Weeknd is a force in the music industry, but he’s also a total fashion aficionado. He’s worked with major brands like Puma and Bape, and he brings his fashion A-game to every music video. In honor of the release of Dawn FM, these are his most iconic looks to date.

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“Take My Breath”

It’s a rarity to see The Weeknd in a color other than black, and his video for “Take My Breath” stuck to the code. His black trench coat was a whole mood, and he also sported tinted sunglasses as he danced the night away.

“Blinding Lights”

The Weeknd had us seeing red with his crimson-red suit and bloodied face in “Blinding Lights.” The attention-grabbing video also seemed to inspire his decision to don face bandages at the 2020 AMAs.

“Save Your Tears”

The Weeknd slipped into a bedazzled blazer for his “Save Your Tears” video, released in January 2021. His face-altering makeup was a little distracting, but he was definitely shining bright in this one.

“I Feel it Coming”

The Weeknd took fans on a journey to another planet for his “I Feel It Coming” video, and he kept things stylish as ever for the trek. The singer sported a Saint Laurent military jacket for the entirety of the video, and commanded attention the whole way through.

“Moth To A Flame”

“Moth To A Flame” marked one of the Weeknd’s darkest videos to date. The creepy visual showed The Weeknd hiding behind a massive puffer jacket and glasses as he appeared to be taken hostage. The video was cinematic and hauntingly beautiful.


His dark, crime-filled visual for “Starboy” was anything but colorful, however, his leather-clad look was a memorable one. The all-black ensemble had murder mystery vibes written all over it.


There are so many synchronicities within The Weeknd’s music videos, and his affinity for red suits is one of them. Much like “Blinding Lights,” he rocked a bright red sport coat for his Dec. 2019 “Heartless” music video.


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