Twitter Is Still Not Over Selena & Hailey's "Plot Twist" Reunion

OK, but this is actually iconic.

Tyrell Hampton

On Oct. 16, Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber posed for cute photos together at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures' second annual gala. Considering Hailey recently opened up about the hate she’s received for marrying Selena’s ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, this meet-up had fans shook.

Tyrell Hampton

Fans hilariously used pictures of Justin to try and express their shock after seeing Selena and Hailey pose together. Even photographer Tyrell Hampton, who took the photo, called their meeting a “plot twist” on Instagram.

Selena and Hailey hanging out was definitely not on everyone’s 2022 bingo card. Their meeting happened just weeks after Hailey appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast on Sept. 28 where she debunked rumors about being involved in Justin and Selena’s breakup.

This moment was truly one for the history books. Despite the rumors of a feud, it’s great to see there’s no bad blood between Selena and Hailey.

Fans wondered how Justin could have possibly reacted to seeing his wife and his ex-girlfriend hanging out. I hope he was totally in support of it.

This user joked Justin would set the picture of Selena and Hailey together as his new lock screen because them meeting was just too iconic. As he should!

Meanwhile, another use said Hailey and Selena’s meeting recalled this scene in Gilmore Girls. Is anyone else curious about what Selena and Hailey talked about?

Fans can’t get enough of their photos together. Hopefully, this puts any rumors of a feud between them to rest once and for all.

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