Here's Everything You Need To Remember About The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3

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by Ani Bundel
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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel returns after two years away with a new release format and a new lease on life. But with the show having been off the air since 2019, fans probably need a refresher. Here’s the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 recap you need, character by character.

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Midge Maisel

Season 3 was a roller coaster. Midge got hired as Shy Baldwin’s opening act and toured Vegas and Miami. Lenny Bruce took a shine to her, and she to him. And then, just as she thought she had it made with a European tour, she got fired.

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Susie Myerson

Midge’s tour forced Susie to travel outside New York. She got into gambling, committed insurance fraud to repay it, and gave up managing Midge’s finances to Joel. But Shy’s manager, Reggie, warned her that one day, she’d have to make the hard choice about her client.

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Abe & Rose Weissman

While Midge was on the road, her parents moved to Queens after Rose got cut off by her family. They also took a trip to Miami to see Midge's standup. And finally, Abe got into left-wing politics and wound up as a theater critic.

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Joel Maisel

Despite a trip to Vegas to visit his ex-wife, Joel mainly moved on from Midge. He took over a space in Chinatown to create a comedy club. In the process, he met Mei Lin, who was part of the illegal gambling club under his comedy club. The two fell in love.

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Moishe & Shirley Maisel

Joel’s parents took in Abe and Rose in Queens but upended the Weissmans' routine and caused Zelda the Maid to rebel. But the most important thing they did was rent Midge’s apartment back to her, but with her now-canceled European tour as collateral.

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Sophie Lennon

Sophie attempted to poach Susie from Midge as manager, but instead, Susie took on both women. She landed Sophie a role on Broadway, but stage fright and poor reviews caused Sophie to go into her stand-up routine, ruining her chances at becoming a serious actor.

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Lenny Bruce

The real-life comic made a big impression in his cameo appearance in Season 3, taking Midge out drinking and dancing in Little Havana. Fans are holding out hope his return to New York in Season 4 means they’ll finally consummate their relationship.

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Shy Baldwin & Reggie

Midge’s bosses taught her and Susie a lot about life on the road. Although Reggie was rooting for Midge (and Susie too) in the end, when Midge outed Shy as gay in her act, Reggie had no choice but to fire them.

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 premieres on Friday, Feb. 18, 2022, on Prime Video with the first two installments. It continues with two episodes every Friday for the next four weeks. Seasons 1 through3 are streaming on Amazon.

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