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The 10 Most Sob-Worthy TV Moments Of 2022

You'll be crying well into 2023.

by Ani Bundel
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The past year has been full of incredible, must-watch TV moments. However, that didn’t stop Hollywood from doing the most to make viewers cry. Let’s rank the saddest TV moments of 2022 by how hard everyone sobbed.


10. Cal’s Backstory In Euphoria

It’s rare to feel bad for evil men like Cal, but Euphoria hit hard with his backstory in Season 2. Trapped by his poor life choices, he buried himself in the closet, trying to do the right thing, only to become the twisted man viewers see today.


9. B2EMO Mourning Maarva In Andor

Andor’s droid B2EMO wasn’t cute like BB-8. But he won the hearts of fans anyway with his loyalty to his master, Maarva. When she passed, seeing the little guy shut down in grief, perhaps never to beep again, was an utter gut punch.


8. Steven Comforting Marc In Moon Knight

Although the show sometimes played the protagonist’s Dissociative Identity Disorder for laughs, it got serious in the finale. Viewers cried as Marc processed his grief for his mother, comforted by his own gentle side in Steven.

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7. Meredith’s House Fire In Grey’s Anatomy

Fans suspected Meredith Grey would be exiting the show in Season 19, but burning her house down was still a dramatic way to do it. All those memories from bygone seasons, gone in a puff of smoke not even Station 19 could douse.

ABC/Liliane Lathan

6. Edmund’s Bee Sting In Bridgerton

Bridgerton showed the backstory of Anthony becoming viscount at 18, but fans were unprepared for Edmund’s death by bee sting to hit so hard. A tiny insect shattered the family’s heart.

Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2022

5. Charlie’s Breakdown In Heartstopper

Charlie and Nick’s romance was joyful, but it didn’t magically solve Charlie’s issues. The finale found him sobbing on his sister’s shoulder, realizing he could and would do better. It was a cleansing cry, leaving viewers ready for more.


4. Sean’s Death In Derry Girls

Derry Girls Season 3 was full of highs and lows, but the biggest was when Clare’s father, Sean, died from an aneurysm hours after Clare experienced her first kiss at the Fatboy Slim concert. The “Praise You” funeral track ensured no eye was dry.


3. Esther’s Assault In The Handmaid’s Tale

Can THT stop hurting Esther? Her husband let guardians abuse her; Gilead turned her into a handmaid. Worst yet, Commander Putnam assaulted and impregnated her before she was assigned to his household. Heartbreaking and horrifying.

Sophie Giraud/Hulu

2. Rebecca’s Death In This Is Us

This Is Us had so many tearjerker moments, its Twitter emoji was a tissue box. But none hit harder than Rebecca dying from Alzheimer’s. Her journey through the train of memories she’d lost ended where she belonged: with Jack.


1. Eddie's Sacrifice In Stranger Things 4

Fan-favorite Eddie's "Master of Puppets" performance was so metal, it saved the others from the Upside Down, even as it killed him in the process. Justice for Eddie, forever.


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