9 Times Kourtney & Travis Were A Power Couple This Summer

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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker started dating in Jan. 2021, but their relationship got even hotter over the summer. That said, their romance is not limited to steamy makeout posts and black heart emojis. There’s way more to them than that... including a potential blood kink? On June 8, Barker shared a photo of vials of his blood, and Kardashian reposted the pic with a cryptic and romantic add-on: a heart emoji.

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What’s a power couple without their power family? Kravis’ quality time as a couple also means quality time as a family — including sweet trips to Disney World with their children. My all-time fave moment might be from Kardashian’s July 8 birthday shoutout for her daughter, Penelope. In it, P is playing the drumset with (you guessed it!) Barker.

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Kardashian and Barker sparked elopement rumors when they took a spontaneous trip to Vegas in early July 2021. While there, Kardashian’s hairdresser posted an IG that made everyone take a doubletake. “…NOWWW I understand why ppl tie the knot in Vegas... There’s nothing like love AND a good time,” he wrote alongside the pic of Kravis. Cue major marriage speculation. Alas, no confirmation or denial ever came from Kardashian or Barker, and this rumor eventually lost steam.

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Over that same Vegas getaway weekend, Kravis alluded to some interesting kinks over Insta. Hint: it has to do with blood again. On July 12, Barker shared a photo of him and Kardashian wearing vampire teeth, and Kardashian had an interesting response: "I want to suck your blood.” Though that might not be for everyone, Barker didn’t seem to mind. "My favorite," he replied. Noted.

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On July 24, Kardashian and Barker were reportedly spotted together at the Rosewood Miramar Beach resort in Montecito, California, per E!. One source told the outlet, "Several wedding guests wanted a chance to talk to the couple, but the lovebirds looked happy and started to make out. They exited the patio area they were in and held hands while walking toward the beach." Love that for them.

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Kardashian and Barker quarantined for 10 days together in late July to early August. And they made the most of their alone time. On July 30, Barker showed off his chops as a hairdresser, giving Kardashian a custom cut that she kind of shared on IG (though she just shared the cut hair, not the haircut.) Nothing says trust like letting your SO cut your hair.

Kardashian finally shared her new look in a topless IG Story on Aug. 4. One thing’s for sure: She’s not not interesting to look at! Major shoutout to Barker for somehow achieving the quarantine haircut of everyone’s dreams. I mean, what can’t he do?!

Barker was famously in a plane crash in 2008, and he has understandably avoided flying ever since... until this summer. On Aug. 14, Barker and Kardashian flew from LAX to Cabo together. Barker shared the seriously romantic moment on IG, writing, “With you anything is possible.” She wrote back, “Anything and everything with you.” Love conquers all, y’all.

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Kravis rounded up their ~summer of love~ with a trip to Italy. And the couple also let slip that they wouldn’t mind staying on this particular trip indefinitely. On one PDA-filled post, Barker commented, “We’re moving to Italy.” Kardashian quipped back, “Say less.” Ugh, I love them.

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