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Here’s Proof You Can Wear Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers With *Everything*

Name a more versatile shoe.

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The sneaker world is rife with trends that come and go quickly, few shoes have reached the unshakeable level of “staples.” But ever since Nike Air Force 1s launched in ‘86, they’ve remained one of the best-selling sneakers out there. Even nearly four decades later, it’s easy to see why people can’t get enough of these sneakers: You can wear Nike Air Force 1s with everything.

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Nike Air Force 1s have long and prestigious history throughout basketball, hip hop, and TV. Anyone who was effortlessly cool — anyone you wanted to be in the ‘90 and early ‘00s — had a pair. Now, however, the sneakers are mainstays in even us pleeb’s wardrobes. The style seamlessly pairs with everything you own, and the durable leather gives the style a comfortable, yet luxurious feel. As one pair can last you for years without losing their crispness, you’ll have plenty of time to figure out the best ways to style the iconic shoe.

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Ever since their creation, AF1s have been major players in streetwear style. The baggy, very vibrant fashion aesthetic is a great complement to many Nike Air Force 1 colorways, but you can’t go wrong with the classic white-on-white either.

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Nike AF1s are a favorite shoe of cool girl and model Bella Hadid. Often, she plays with the sneaker by dressing them up with items like leather pants and fur coats. But she’ll also keep things easy and cozy with a decidedly Instagram-ready matching tracksuit.

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No one loves going to the office, but you can keep your casual, cool, and chic Nike Air Force 1s in your professional wardrobe. Since these sneakers are so sharp and neutral, even Miranda Presley can’t call you out for wearing them to work.

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A night-out outfit or one for a day on the town can only be made better with a pair of AF1s. No matter how dolled up you get, adding AF1s creates a happy balance of soft luxury and trendy, city-ready fashion.

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Preppy styles are trending again, and although Af1s gained their popularity in inner cities, this shoe still pairs well with the New England look. Rather than sellout to boat shoes, the Nike shoes add some edge to your boarding school look.

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As AF1s have held on to, for the most part, their ‘80s silhouette, taking a retro approach to your athleisure really seals the Jane Fonda deal. If that’s not your vibe, you can also take the Princess Diana route of crewnecks and bike shorts.

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Nike Air Force 1 '07

With a trend lifespan longer than most of the clothing you own, a classic pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers will become your everyday go-to.


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