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Hailey & Justin’s Date Night Outfits Make Zero Sense Together

The mismatched vibes are kinda everything?

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Hailey and Justin Bieber were first linked in 2014, and they got married in 2019. Despite all signs that the couple is extremely compatible, their fashion is less so. On nearly every date night, Hailey and Justin look like they never got the memo on what the other was wearing — even though they arrived together.

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Hailey usually opts for a clean girl aesthetic — and an occasional red, faux fur hat — whereas Justin is a little more adventurous with his style. Occasionally, the “Peaches” singer even uses a colorful knitted blanket as an accessory.

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Hailey and Justin have two very different ideas of the best way to style funky sunglasses. And in general, Justin’s outfits tend to be a bit more colorful.

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Wearing orange head-to-toe is always a daring choice, especially when it involves cargo sweatpants, a hoodie, and vest. (Though matching sets are in right now.) Hailey’s neutral-toned, trendy ‘fit is pretty much Justin’s opposite.

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OK, so Justin is kinda lurking in the shadows in this pic, but the point still stands. His neon pink shorts (with teddy bear detailing) are a far cry from Hailey’s beige leather blazer and zebra bag.

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Hailey’s pinstripe oversized suit looks a little out of place next to Bieber’s grey hoodie and distressed jeans.

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But that was nothing compared to the time he wore a literal bear costume while Hailey was dressed like a character in The Matrix.

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They look a little more in sync here, but most people wouldn’t pair Hailey’s perfectly fitted leather dress with an orange beanie.

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According to astrologer Chelsea Jackson, Hailey and Justin’s mismatched outfit energy might have something to do with their star signs. Justin, a Pisces, and Hailey, a Sagittarius, are both mutable signs, which means “their energies are naturally a little chaotic.”

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Jackson explains, “I think it works for them because they’re both ruled by Jupiter, so they’re very optimistic and open-minded when it comes to self-expression.” Hence the bucket hat on the red carpet.

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Their date night outfits might not always look perfectly matched — but they’re definitely memorable.

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