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The Biggest Euphoria Season 2 Fashion Moments, Ranked

Cassie's Oklaho-moment obvs made the cut.

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Courtesy of HBO Max

Whether you loved or hated Euphoria Season 2, you have to admit that there were some iconic fashion moments. Here are the best of the best ‘fits, ranked from most to least, um, fit.

Eddy Chen/HBO

1. Kat’s Jewel Tone Crop Top

We definitely didn’t get enough of Kat this season, and fans thought her storyline was awful, but at least she looked good. She especially stood out in this slinky, shiny crop top during her bowling date.

Eddy Chen/HBO

2. Lexi’s Play Outfit

It was great to see Lexi step out of her box as she starred as herself in her play. While not the skin-baring style that Euphoria is famous for, Lexi deserves a shoutout for going bold with those knee-high socks and a sleeveless almost-minidress.

Eddy Chen/HBO

3. Swimsuit Chic

Given how much skin we see in the high school hallways on Euphoria, these bikinis aren’t particularly revealing. What they do reveal — perfectly IMHO — are the vibes each girl brings to her style.

Courtesy of HBO Max

4. Play Cassie’s Corset Top

While I don’t think Lexi should have included her sister’s drug-induced carousel moment in her play, I am living for Cassie’s doppelgänger’s styling. Corset tops are here to stay, y’all.

Courtesy of HBO Max

5. The Birthday Minidresses

Before drunkenly throwing on her revenge swimsuit, Cassie looked totally innocent in a ruffled minidress. Kat also wore a mini, albeit with slinky spaghetti straps, to Maddy’s birthday party, and both looks slayed.

Eddy Chen/HBO

6. Lexi’s Flashback Fashion

Admittedly, this scene was a heartbreaker. That said, Lexi’s floral crop top and pleated skirt combo is one I’d wear myself. That collar? I’m dead. And Cassie’s overall look deserves an honorable mention.

Courtesy of HBO Max

7. Maddy’s NYE Fit

Maddie always comes correct to a party and the NYE bash in the Season 2 premiere was no exception. I especially loved her shoulder-length gloves, which need to make a mainstream comeback, like, yesterday.

Eddy Chen/HBO

8. Maddy’s Safety Pin Crop Top

In the second episode, Maddy brought a look that feels so ‘90s — peep that bedazzled belt and fuzzy hat combo — but had a modern edge, courtesy of a series of edgy safety pins and dangling charms.

Eddy Chen/HBO

9. Maddy And Cassie’s Matching Moment

Perhaps the most meme’d fashion moment of the season, this matching ‘fit situation between Maddy and Cassie was a desperately needed opportunity for LOLs, plus peak “who wears that to high school and where can I buy it” Euphoria vibes.

Courtesy of HBO Max

10. Cassie’s Oklahoma Moment

Cassie has never been happier and, frankly, neither have I as a fan of the high drama Season 2 of Euphoria served up. Not a single look was more iconic than Cassie’s country music star (definitely not in a good way) minidress moment.

Eddy Chen/HBO

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