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You'll Want To Bookmark These Genius TikTok Hacks ASAP

Who knew making TikTok GIFs was so easy?!

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Rename Your Original Sound

It’s so easy to change the name of an original sound you created. Simply click on the video and then tap on the record icon located in the bottom right. Next, select the pencil icon that’s located next to the original sound’s current name, type in your new name, and then tap Save. Keep in mind that you can only change the name of your original sound once, so you’ll want to be selective when making your swap.


Make A GIF From A TikTok

Have a meme-worthy moment in one of your TikToks? You can grab a GIF from one of your favorite videos by using GIPHY.

Simply download the TikTok video you want to use, click “Create” in your GIPHY account, then tap to upload your TikTok. From there, you can edit the GIF, add filters and other effects, then click “create GIF” to get your final product.


Translate Comments

Considering there are currently 38 languages available on TikTok, it’s important to know how to translate any comments so you can find out what your followers are saying. To translate a comment, simple long press on it until a menu pops up that reads “Copy,” “Translate,” or “Report.” Tap “Translate,” and the comment will be translated into the default language you have set on TikTok.

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Hide Liked TikTok Videos

You can change who can see the TikTok videos you’ve liked in your Privacy and Settings. While TikTok’s default is to set them as only visible to you, you can toggle between the different options by tapping the three dots in the top right to access Privacy and Settings, tapping “Who Can See The Videos I’ve Liked,” and then toggling either “All” or “Me.”

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Use Secret In-App Emojis

Did you know that TikTok has its own hidden emojis? Both iOS and Android users can access the 46 unique symbols by typing in the “code” for TikTok-only emoticons like “pride” and “disdain” inside two brackets.

You can use these codes in the comments section of any TikTok video, and the TikTok-specific emoji will automatically populate.

Find Out Where Your Viewers Are From

Whether you’re serious about growing your following or you just want to learn more about the people who watch your TikToks, you can gain access to additional analytics by signing up for a TikTok creator account for free. As long as you have a public account, you can check out insights like when your followers are watching your content, where your viewer traffic is coming from, and videos that are trending.

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Delete Individual Notifications

Want to delete your TikTok notifications for any reason? It’s so easy to do. Simply tap the notification bell at the bottom of the screen on your TikTok app, then tap “edit” or use your finger to slide the notification you want to delete to the left. You’ll then see a red delete button that you can tap to clear that notification.

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Set A TikTok As A Live Phone Wallpaper

Capture a memorable moment from a TikTok video by making it a live wallpaper on your phone. As long as the TikTok account is public and the user hasn’t disabled downloads, you can do this by tapping on the “Share” icon on the video you want to use, then tapping “Live Photo” in the pop-up list. The video will then be imported as a live photo to your Photos app. To make it your wallpaper or lock screen, open up the live photo in your Photos, then tap “Share.” Pick the option to “Use as Wallpaper,” and voila, you’ll be able to zoom in or adjust your download as your wallpaper until you’re ready to set it as your background.


Save A TikTok Without The Logo

Want to repurpose your TikTok for another platform like Reels? You can save it without the TikTok logo by using your phone’s screen recording feature. Before you post your video on TikTok, turn your microphone off and turn up the volume on your video. Start screen recording while watching a preview of your TikTok, then close your preview and turn off the screen recording. The recording will be shared to your camera roll, and you can edit and trim it from there before posting to another platform.

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