Bubblegrunge Keeps Popping Up In People’s Spotify Wrapped 2021 Results, And What?

These people want a word with Spotify.

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When Spotify’s Wrapped results hit the app on Dec. 1, a lot of users noticed a top music genre they didn’t recognize — bubblegrunge.

Since then, these Spotify Wrapped 2021 tweets all ask the same question: What exactly is bubblegrunge?

Courtesy of Spotify

Urban Dictionary defines bubblegrunge as a genre used by rock critics in the mid-’90s to describe “bubble gum” pop-forward alternative and grunge rock. Artists include Third Eye Blind, Collective Soul, and Bush.

(Elite Daily reached out to Spotify for a bubblgegrunge definition, but didn’t hear back at the time of publication.)

Still, people have questions.

Courtesy Of Spotify

This reflective Spotify user just wants to know what bubblegrunge is.

There’s mega-confusion happening.

This apparent bubblegrunge stan invoking a Bernie Sanders meme has no idea what it actually means.

Spotify, really, explain this genre in full — please.

This meme won’t stop for anyone.

I get it — it is a weird word.

Is bubblegrunge even real, Spotify?

It feels imaginary.

Does this all add up?

With this many bubblegrunge listeners, how is it no one knows what it is?

It may be your top genre, but that doesn’t mean you know anything about it.

Maybe we’ve all just been “missing out on something”?

Well, I guess it worked???

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