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9 Instagram Story Hacks To Elevate Your Posts

The rainbow text tip is honestly amazing.

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Instagram Stories are a great way to share what you’re up to without committing to a post that will live forever on your grid. You probably already know how to spice up an IG Story with different fonts and text colors, but there are so many other ways you can make your Story stand out from the rest. To get started, try these Instagram Story hacks and tips the next time you open the app.

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Post Multiple Stories At Once

If you want to save time and share multiple photos or videos to your Instagram Story at once, you can easily do it from your camera roll. Make sure all the content you want is saved to your camera roll, then open your Instagram Story camera and swipe up.

Tap the “Select ” icon on the right, then tap all the photos and videos you want to post. Hit “Next,” then edit your content like normal before sharing it all with your followers.

Rainbow Text In Stories

Want to make your Story text pop by transforming it into all the colors of the rainbow? It takes a little bit of dexterity and patience.

Once you’ve taken or uploaded a Instagram Story post, written your text, and selected it, you’ll use one finger to start moving the text select while you move your other finger across the color spectrum at the same time. It might take a few tries, but you’ll end up with multi-colored text.

Translate Text

Instagram recently launched a feature that allows you to translate text in over 90 different languages. If the app detects you watching a Story that has text in a language other than your own (you can change your default language at any time in Settings), a banner will pop up that says “See Translation.” Simply tap on it, and Instagram will translate the text on the screen.

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Link To Websites

Instagram is currently testing a sticker that would allow anyone to link to websites on their Stories. However, if you’re not part of the test or don’t have access to the link feature, you can get around it through IGTV. Create an IGTV and put the link you want to share in the caption, then post it on your IGTV channel.

In your Instagram Stories, upload the video or photo you want to use as a preview. Tap the “link” icon (located next to the smiley face icon), then select “+IGTV Video.” Select the one that you want to use, and voila, people will be able to click on the link when watch it on your Story.

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Hide Hashtags & Mentions

You can hide mentions so that people can’t see them but your friends can still re-share your posts on their Stories? Simply type in the usernames you want to mention, then tap the camera icon in Stickers to upload the images or videos you want to share over your text. Once you tap “Share,” the people you mentioned will still get notified that they were mentioned even though they won’t be able to see the text.

Add Color Overlay To Your Stories

You can easily add a transparent or opaque color overlay to your Stories. To add a transparent one, upload or snap a photo to your Instagram Story Camera, tap the marker icon, then select the transparent pen tool (the one in the middle). Choose a color at the bottom of the screen, then hold your finger pressed on the screen until you get a sheer overlay. To get an opaque color layer, do the same thing except tap the second to right marker icon instead of the translucent pen tool.

Schedule Posts In Advance

As of April 2021, you can schedule an Instagram Story post if you have a Facebook Business Suite account. In the Facebook Business Suite app, tap “Posts and Stories,” upload the content you want to share, edit it until it’s ready to share, then tap the blue “Schedule Story” arrow to choose when your want your Story to be published.

Make Custom Backgrounds

Want to share a feed post on your Story? First, take a screenshot of the feed post you’d like to share and crop it so only the photo shows. Next, go to the actual post and tap the arrow icon to share it. Tap “Add post to your Story,” then stretch it so that it covers the whole screen. Next, tap the photo icon in Stickers to open your camera roll, and select a background you want to upload. Stretch it so that it covers the original post you just uploaded. Tap the photo icon in Stickers again, then upload your screenshot. You can resize it how you want, add any text or additional stickers, then share.

Animated Text

Making your words move in Instagram isn’t exactly brand new, but if you stick to the same old font routine you might now know you can animate your text. It’s super simple to do (and a fun way to spice up your Story). To do it, simply take a photo or video with your IG Story camera as you normally would, and then go to add text by tapping the “Aa” button. After you’ve typed out what you want, tap the animate text button, which is “Aa” with two lines to the left of it.

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