If You’re A Fan Of Selling Sunset, You’re Probably 1 Of These 3 Signs

I bet you never start the drama, you just finish it.

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If selling homes were as easy as the real estate agents on Selling Sunset make it look, a lot more people would be interested in selling million-dollar mansions. This series revolves around a group of glam real estate agents looking to sell luxurious properties to high-end buyers. The breathtaking homes are only the tip of the iceberg, though. It also revolves around the personal lives of each agent, and their relationships with each other — and that’s honestly the best part.

While real estate reality TV isn’t for everyone, there are a few zodiac signs who likely can’t get enough of this series because of all the gossip and drama it offers. Here are three of them:

Here’s Why Aries Are Most Likely To Watch Selling Sunset:

Considering the assertive, competitive, and ambitious nature of Selling Sunset, it couldn’t be more up an Aries’ alley. You tend to prioritize being the best at what you do, and since real estate is such a competitive market, you’re able to live vicariously through the series’ agents.

The drama among the members of The Oppenheim Group keeps you on your toes, and the need for each agent to succeed likely leaves you feeling motivated to tackle all of your career goals head on. It’s important for you to always feel inspired, and this series has the potential to do just that.

Here’s Why Leos Are Most Likely To Watch Selling Sunset:

Your vibrant, authoritative nature aligns perfectly with the real estate agents on Selling Sunset. There’s a certain level of confidence you have to embody if you want to sell homes worth a fortune, and that’s a quality that you’re able to tap into when needed in your own career.

You have an effortless “take charge” ability that others often envy, so it’s not too difficult for you to relate to each agent’s desire to be the first and the best. Selling Sunset is also known for its impeccable wardrobe, which is something you take pride in. As someone who’s used to all eyes being on you when you walk into a room, this show definitely makes you feel seen.

Here’s Why Capricorns Are Most Likely To Watch Selling Sunset:

With your natural knack for business and your disciplined, refined nature, this show is one that really embodies what you picture your own success to include: wealth, beautiful homes, and most importantly, entrepreneurship.

You’re someone who can run a business with ease, so it would come as no surprise if you saw yourself in Brett or Jason. As the owners of the firm, they call the shots, and don’t often get too mixed up in the drama — something you try to avoid at all costs. Your ultimate goal is to work hard to climb up the ladder, and a show that revolves around agents doing whatever it takes to succeed makes you feel right at home.


As the most ambitious signs of the zodiac, Aries, Leos, and Capricorns are always looking to continuously set goals and achieve them, and that’s essentially the top priority when it comes to selling real estate. In order to win, you may also have to step on a few toes to get there, and these three signs definitely aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty.

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