Valentine’s Day Will Have These 3 Zodiac Signs In Their Feels

Not me crying on the most romantic day of the year.

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The most romantic day of the year is here, but it won’t exactly be a day when everyone’s in the spirit for chocolate-covered strawberries and heart-shaped balloons. The moon will be in the vibrant, expressive sign of Leo all day, adding a sense of drama to everyone’s emotions — some of us more than others.

As the moon travels through Leo on Feb. 14, three zodiac signs will be feeling it in a way that’s a bit more challenging than others, making them the most likely to cry on Valentine’s Day 2022.

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On Feb. 14, the moon will travel through your fourth house of home, family, and private life, emphasizing a need for you to retreat into your living space. While this tends to be a holiday when people are eager to put themselves on display, you’ll definitely be feeling the exact opposite.

As the Venus-ruled sign of the zodiac, Valentine’s Day tends to be right up your alley, but this year, you’ll be far more inclined to curl up on the couch and live vicariously through rom-coms, tissues by your side. Be sure to pick up some sweets from the store to tend to that sweet tooth of yours. Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean your taste buds have to suffer.

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On Feb. 14, the moon will be traveling through the fiery sign of Leo all day, clashing with your reserved, analytical nature. While many people will be displaying their relationships in a way that’s flashy and over the top, you’ll be far more inclined to draw your energy inward.

As the moon travels through your 12th house on this day, you’ll be feeling an increased need for privacy and alone time, something this holiday doesn’t necessarily support. It’s the perfect day for you to unplug, log off of social media, and do some self-care. Self-love is the best love, after all.

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The moon will be traveling your your eighth house of boundaries, secrets, and endings on Valentine’s Day, heightening your sensitivity to current themes in your romantic life. While you’re someone who tends to keep a level head, your emotions will likely be pretty intense today.

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a partner or solo, it’s important that you allow the intensity of your feels to be expressed freely today. You have a tendency to suppress your not-so-fuzzy feelings, but today is definitely the day to let them out, no matter how frowned upon it may be.

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