I Bet I Can Tell You Your Favorite Color Just Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Alexa, play Taylor Swift’s “Red.”

Have you ever wondered why you tend to gravitate toward certain colors, but can't stand others? Well, your zodiac sign may just play a role in that.

If you're a fire sign, your ideal colors will likely be warmer tones (i.e., red, yellow, orange). If you're a water sign, your go-to colors will likely be cooler tones (i.e., blue, green). You won't have to do too much decoding, though, because I have the breakdown for each sign.


Your bold and direct personality amplifies when you throw on cardinal red, and can help you tap into your confident side if you’re in need of a little boost. You’ll definitely catch a few glances in this shade, but they’d probably be looking your way regardless.


You have a knack for gardening, so it comes as no surprise that sage green is right up your alley. You like to stick to what you know, especially when fashion is concerned, and this color can help to promote your grounded, down-to-earth nature.


If you’re about to enter into an environment where you want to soak up as much material as you can, periwinkle is the perfect color for you. Since you tend to get bored pretty easily, the flexibility of this blue hue is also made for you.


You’re incredibly nurturing and compassionate, making peach or pastel pink the color that’s ideal for your zodiac sign. This color really supports your intuitive, caring nature, and can promote love, kindness, and warmth.


For some whose zodiac symbol is a lion, gold is clearly the way to go. You tend to pave the way for others, and as the sun-ruled sign of the zodiac, no other measures up than the shimmery hue of gold.


It's all about eggshell white for you. This shade is neutral enough for you to wear often, while also not being too flashy. Eggshell also tends to be associated with cleanliness and organization, two things you absolutely live for.


You’re definitely the romantic of the zodiac, making dusky rose, the *love* color, your ideal shade. This hue embodies everything you’re all about: love, kindness, and friendship.


Black is likely a staple in your closet, and it promotes feelings of strength, power, and determination — qualities that you embody effortlessly. Since this color can also evoke feelings of sadness and anger though, it’s important that you don’t overdo it.


You’re all about freedom, energy, and happiness — and tangerine couldn’t embody that any better. Surrounding yourself with this shade is the perfect way to lean into your free-spirited nature.


Brown is the color of reliability and productivity, two things you tend to prioritize the most. Surrounding yourself with this shade can help you to remain calm and grounded if you’re ever feeling stressed or overwhelmed by your never-ending to-do list.


Cyan is a color that promotes clear thinking, which is something you prioritize. Your thoughts and opinions are how you express your unique individuality, and by wearing or utilizing this color, you can naturally sharpen your mind and relay information clearly.

Pisces: White

The interesting thing about white is that it’s not actually a color, but the absence of it. Since you’re such a sensitive soul, wearing white can serve as a protective spiritual blanket so that it’s easier for you to separate yourself from other people.

See? I told you I could name your favorite color just based on your zodiac sign.

Tara Moore/Getty Images