Every Sign Will Be Shook When Uranus Retrograde Ends

Ready or not, Jan. 18 is on its way.

On Jan. 18, Uranus will station direct in Taurus, bringing forth major shakeups. This unconventional planet usually stations retrograde every seven months, so while this tends to be a regular part of its movement, the day Uranus emerges from is retrogradation can prompt sudden upheavals in the house it’s traveling through in your birth chart.

Here’s what every zodiac sign can expect:


As Uranus stations direct, the shakeups that take place may be a bit unexpected. Financial matters are the one area you tend to seek stability, so the influence of Uranus may not be well-received, but it’s definitely necessary. Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

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You don’t necessarily encourage change, but it’s essential in order for you to break away from the things that no longer serve you. On Jan. 18, you’ll start to feel that energy stronger than ever, especially since your chart ruler, Venus, will be stationing direct. You’ve waited long enough, now is your time to launch any new personal changes you’ve been sitting on.

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You tend to go with the flow pretty seamlessly, but as Uranus stations direct, your inner desire to seek stability in isolation may not feel so stable. This is a great time to try new things pertaining to your mental health. Have you been a bit too rigid with your practices? Now is the time to think outside the box.

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Your friendships and alliances have been going through some major shifts lately. On Jan. 18, you’ll be feeling the effects a bit more than usual as Uranus stations direct. The changes in your social circles have been unexpected but needed, so be sure to embrace the upheavals that are bound to continue to arise.

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You’ve been going through some upheavals in your professional life for quite some time now, but on Jan. 18, these effects will be much more noticeable. This is a great time to roll with the punches. Your reputation will help support these changes in the best way.

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On Jan. 18, you’ll be launched into a period of upheaval when it comes to your belief systems. You tend to prefer things to be a bit predictable, but in order to grow spiritually, you’ll have to learn how to embrace being uncomfortable — something this transit will definitely teach you.

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You’ve been experiencing some major shifts and disruptions as of late, and on Jan. 18, Uranus retrograde ending will prompt even more changes. As someone who tends to put others first, this transit is encouraging you to adjust the dynamics in your personal relationships, even if that means limiting someone’s access to you.

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As Uranus stations direct, the upheaval that’s been slowly unfolding will make itself boldly known. You don’t tend to like change to take place when it’s outside of your control, but it may be time to do something a little different in your relationships. Don’t limit yourself. You’re constantly growing and evolving, and your relationships should too.

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Uranus retrograde ending will prompt some sudden changes pertaining to the way that you approach your tasks and responsibilities. If you’ve been feeling like your day-to-day routines have been holding you back, now is the time to embrace some changes.

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As Uranus retrograde ends, your sense of creative expression will be subject to some major shakeups. As someone who tends to take many things in life pretty seriously, the way that you enjoy yourself shouldn’t feel like work, and Uranus stationing direct will make sure of that.

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Upheaval has been a huge theme in your home and family life lately, and on Jan. 18, this energy will be impossible to ignore. Now is the time to implement those changes you’ve been called to make. How has the stability you’ve sought after here been holding you back?

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Your desire to speak your mind is coming to the forefront, however unpopular your opinions may be to those on the receiving end. Your unique outlook on the world deserves to be shared with your community, and this Uranus stationing direct is the perfect time to tap into that ability.

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