Uranus Retrograde Is Here To Turn Every Sign's Comfort Zone Upside Down

This retrograde is definitely shaking things up.

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When Uranus stations retrograde in your second house on Aug. 19, your finances will experience a turn of events. Uranus has been reworking your money matters since 2018, but on this day, it'll ask that you direct some of your energy here. What needs to change?

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You've been experiencing a lot of changes since 2018. While this change hasn't always been comfortable, it's encouraged you to break out of your restrictive mindset. As Uranus stations retrograde, it'll review some of the sudden changes it's brought to your doorstep.

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You've been experiencing a lot of inner emphasis over the last few years. As Uranus stations retrograde, your 12th house of isolation will be getting reworked. This is a period of reflection for you, so be sure to take as much time as you need to prioritize rest.

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You've probably gone through a lot of changes in your friend groups since 2018. If you lost a friend pretty suddenly, don't surprised if someone returns amid Uranus retrograde. Be sure to keep in mind why some of these friendships didn't work out in the first place.

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There's been a lot of changes taking place in your life this year, and career has been an area that's really seen a transformation. On Aug. 19, Uranus will begin to rework your profession in a way that's innovative and unexpected.

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Your spiritual beliefs tend to be rooted in reality. For the last couple years, however, Uranus has asked that you step outside of your usual box. When it stations retrograde on Aug. 19, you'll be prompted to review and revise your spiritual practices.

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You're all about pooling resources with your loved ones. Uranus retrograde on Aug. 19 is asking that you reevaluate what you're giving away, and what you're leaving yourself with. Boundaries are super important for you, especially when it comes to your time and money.

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There's been a lot of changes taking place in your romantic relationships lately, and Uranus retrograde will double down on this once it stations retrograde on Aug. 19. This is a time to reevaluate your relationships, and get in touch with your need for personal freedom.

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Uranus retrograde is bringing some attention to your daily practices in a way that's unconventional and innovative. You're not one that likes to adhere to anything for too long, but the things you do on a daily basis are the foundation of your existence.

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You're always seeking ways to overachieve. Uranus moving through your fifth house is prompting you to find new and exciting ways to experience fun and pleasure. You deserve to let your hair down, so be sure to let this Uranus retrograde lead the way.

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As Uranus retrogrades, you may experience some changes to your living situation between now and January. This is a time to revise any issues with home or family, and reflect on possible next steps. Your safe space matters, and it deserves to be a peaceful environment.

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You're all about sharing your emotions with the people around you. Uranus retrograde will be prompting you to share your unique views and original ideas with the world starting on Aug. 19, so be sure not to shy away from it. When you talk, people listen.

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