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I Tried The Food At Super Nintendo World

TBH, it's almost *too* cute to eat.

Rachel Chapman

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood lets you to step into the world of Super Mario. When you’re not racing in Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge or collecting coins from question mark blocks, chow down on Super Nintendo World’s food — which is almost too cute to eat.

Rachel Chapman

Super Mushroom Soup ($10)

You’ll notice the menu at Toadstool Cafe has a very mushroom-forward theme. If you love mushrooms, you’ll want to try this creamy soup that comes with Super Mushroom crackers and is served in a giant Super Mushroom bowl.

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Piranha Plant Caprese ($13)

This caprese salad looks exactly like the carnivorous Piranha Plant from Mario. It’s made with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, asparagus, and basil pesto with a side salad of mixed greens, shaved radish, and an apple vinaigrette.

Rachel Chapman

Yoshi’s Favorite Fruit & Veggie Salad ($14)

If Yoshi is your fave character, you may want to get this fruit and veggie salad instead. It features croutons that look like his green and white eggs on top of mixed greens, strawberries, star fruit, blueberries, pineapple, and a raspberry vinaigrette.

Rachel Chapman

Mario Burger ($17)

This is probably one of the best theme park burgers I’ve ever had. It comes with an all beef patty, bacon, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, and American cheese. While the bun was a little meh, the addition of Mario’s mustache and hat made it all worth it. Plus, the truffle fries that come on the side are the best thing on the menu.

Rachel Chapman

Luigi Burger ($17)

Perhaps you’re more in the mood for chicken instead of a beef burger. The Luigi Burger comes with grilled chicken, basil pesto, Swiss cheese, green pepper, and spinach on a brioche bun with Luigi’s mustache and hat on top. Let’s not forget the star of the show — the truffle fries on the side.

Rachel Chapman

? Block Tiramisu ($10)

This tiramisu dessert is encased in five plain cookies that look like the iconic question mark blocks in Super Mario. Inside is a white chocolate Power-Up garnish that looks like it’s coming out of the block like it does in the video game. (Unfortunately, this treat is more ‘Gram-worthy than it is tasty.)

Rachel Chapman

Mt. Beanpole Cake ($10)

You know you’ve reached the finish line when you see the flagpole at the end of a Mario level, so you’ll know your meal is done when it’s time for a slice of Mt. Beanpole Cake. This chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry layered cake with a matcha mousse looks exactly like the course from Super Mario. It even comes with a star chocolate garnish and Mario flagpole to take home.

Bowser’s Fireball Challenge (TBD)

While it’s not on the menu just yet, the Bower’s Fireball Challenge will be coming to Toadstool Cafe soon and features a one-pound meatball covered in mozzarella cheese on top of a mushroom marinara sauce. What makes this dish so Insta-worthy is the Bowser puff pastry, and what makes it a challenge is the hot sauce served on the side.

Rachel Chapman

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