Easy Sun Salutation Sequences From A Yoga Teacher

These energizing poses can be done at home.

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Whether you’re a pro or totally new to yoga, Sun Salutations are an essential part of your practice. Fiture’s yoga instructor, Victoria Gibbs, told Elite Daily that a Sun Salutation sequence can be an “energizing, full body practice that works the body from head to toe” — and it’s so easy to incorporate into your day. Click through for some Sun Salutation sequences you can do at home.

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Gibbs walks us through the three “breath-based sequences” — A, B, and C — so you have a step-by-step guide to follow for Sun Salutations at home. While Gibbs mentions these workouts are low-impact, Sun Salutations are also great if you’re looking to “improve mobility of the entire body,” “reduce stress and anxiety,” and give yourself “a challenging cardio workout.”

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Sun Salutation A — Mountain Pose

To begin the first Sun Salutation, Gibbs says to start in a Mountain Pose by “rooting down through [the] outer edges of both feet” on the mat as you “reach your arms up overhead.” You’ll hold this pose for one breath and “inhale as you reach up.”

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Sun Salutation A — Forward Fold

From your Mountain Pose, you’ll want to fold over while “keeping your weight forward in the balls of your feet” and lengthening your spine. Do this as you exhale, and when you inhale, lift up halfway to a flat back.

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Sun Salutation A — Chaturanga

Now, it’s time to get on the mat in a low plank, known as Chaturanga. Gibbs says to have your hands shoulder width apart and your feet hip width apart before lowering halfway into a half plank pose keeping the elbow points in.

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Sun Salutation A — Upward Facing Dog

When you inhale, transition into an Upward Facing Dog pose. Gibbs says to keep your arms straightened, press “the tops of the feet down,” and keep your knee caps lifted and hips up and off of the mat. You’ll also want to “lift the head, chin, and chest up for a slight heart opening backbend.”

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Sun Salutation A — Downward Facing Dog

Perform the Upward Facing Dog as you inhale, and move into the Downward Facing Dog as you exhale. As you straighten up into this pose, Gibbs says to keep your “head and neck completely relaxed” while pulling your belly “up and in towards the spine.”

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Sun Salutation A — Half Lift And Finish

You’ll want to “step or hop to the top of the mat” for a Half Lift pose with your flat back and “palms on the shins, tenting up on the fingertips, or palms flat on the ground.” This will be your final pose before returning to the Forward Fold and then the Mountain Pose to complete Sun Salutation A.

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Sun Salutation B — Mountain Pose

The guide for Sun Salutation B begins with a Mountain Pose as well. Gibbs says to make sure you’re “engaging the glutes” and “feeling for your shoulders falling away from your ears and pulling the belly back and in towards the spine.”

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Sun Salutation B — Chair Pose

As you inhale, bring your arms up and “bend both knees and reach glutes down and back” in a Chair Pose. Gibbs says to make sure you “pick up your chest” and “embrace the intuitive curve in your spine.”

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Sun Salutation B — Forward Fold/Half Lift

Just like in Sun Salutation A, you’ll go from a Forward Fold to a Half Lift as you exhale and then inhale.

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Sun Salutation B — Chaturanga/Upward Facing Dog/Downward Facing Dog

Also following the Sun Salutation A guide, you’ll move on to the low plank (Chanturanga), Upward Facing Dog, and Downward Facing Dog next, alternating between breathing in and breathing out. Gibbs says the one breath per pose helps you to “foster a deeper mind and body connection.”

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Sun Salutation B — Warrior One Left Leg Forward

This is when things start to differ. You’ll want to step forward in your Downward Dog pose with your left leg to get into a Warrior One pose. Gibbs says, “Energetically pull your left hip back in space, so that [your] two hips face forward like head lights on a car.”

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Sun Salutation B — Repeat And Finish

Afterwards, you’ll repeat Chaturanga to Downward Dog and then move on to Half Lift, Forward Fold, Chair Pose, and Mountain Pose to complete the Sun Salutation B.

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Sun Salutation C — Mountain Pose/Forward Fold/Half Lift

Your Sun Salutation C guide begins just like A and B with a Mountain Pose that leads to a Forward Fold and Half Lift.

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Sun Salutation C — Low Lunge

The Low Lunge is what separates this Sun Salutation sequence from the rest. Gibbs says to “step the right foot back into low lunge” and “relax the left hip flexor” with your arms up as you exhale.

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Sun Salutation C — Plank Pose

As you inhale, get into your plank pose. This time, you’ll want to push “the floor away” with your arms straight.

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Sun Salutation C — Knees-Chest-Chin

From your plank, lower just your knees, chest, and chin down to the mat. Keep your “palms flat and elbow points wrapping inwards like grasshopper wings.”

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Sun Salutation C — Baby Cobra

While down on the mat, “straighten the legs, bring them together, and slide into baby cobra with head up, chin up, chest up, and back of heart moving forward and up.” This should be done as you inhale.

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Sun Salutation C - Downward Facing Dog And Finish

Your final new move will be a Downward Facing Dog before going back to the Low Lunge, Forward Fold, and finally, the Mountain Pose.

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