You Can Actually Stay At These 25 Haunted Airbnbs In The US

These rentals are to *die* for.

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Mobile, Alabama


Built in 1862 as twin townhouses for two brothers-in-law, the Malaga Inn sits atop secret Civil War-era tunnels. The boutique inn is rumored to be haunted by a female spirit in white, who can be seen pacing Room #007’s balcony. Guests have also reported moving furniture and a swinging chandelier.

Jerome, Arizona


In addition to its rose garden, fruit orchard, and stunning views, this cute cottage is best known for its ghost sightings. Not only have guests seen a dark-haired woman dressed in white, an old miner, and a man in a top hat, but they’ve also heard parlor music and wind chimes.

Fullerton, California


Why wait in line at Disneyland for the Haunted Mansion ride when you can stay in an immersive four-bedroom modeled after the movie? The nighttime illusions, sights, and sounds are the best of the best — but can be turned off if desired.

Victor, Colorado


Interestingly enough, Nikola Tesla is believed to have originally wired this former brothel, casino, and saloon in 1899. The Black Monarch is said to be haunted by the ghost of a miner who died in a gunfight. Hosts play into this legend with creepy art and authentic taxidermy.

Preston, Connecticut


Before you book your stay at this bed and breakfast, read host Carol’s book, The Ghosts of Captain Grant’s Inn, for all the spooky stories surrounding her renovation. She describes the 12 spirits haunting the inn, as well as the ghost hunter who communicated with them.

Orlando, Florida


Ever slept in a coffin before? This Halloween-themed cottage also features a bathroom hidden behind a bookshelf, a voodoo altar, and creepily curated decor. The tiny house’s one-of-a-kind Ouija board is the cherry on top of this spooky experience.

Savannah, Georgia


Not only was this adorably rustic cottage, which was built in 1799, the filming location for The Conspirator, but it also remains a popular ghost tour stop due to a former resident named Laura. Locals believe she haunts the Historic District staple she once lived and gardened in.

Springfield, Illinois


Bell Miller finished building her dream home in 1909 ​​— and many believe the businesswoman still haunts it. Guests have found books removed from shelves and heard a friendly, female voice. If you visit, beware the elevators as many visitors have reported winding up on the wrong floor.

New Orleans, Louisiana


Keep an eye out for a young girl in a yellow dress when you’re staying in the Parks-Bowman Mansion’s infamous haunted bedroom. While you wait, enjoy the private third-floor balcony with sweeping views of the city’s Garden District.

Upper Marlboro, Maryland


Boasting the third oldest beech tree in the state, Linville Manor was previously owned by explorer John Smith. On top of paranormal happenings in the home, the rest of the former plantation’s property has an allegedly haunted cemetery and railroad tracks.

Ellicott City, Maryland


The 160-year-old Lilburn Mansion boasts 7,000 square feet and 20 rooms in its stone and granite structure. Spirits reportedly began making themselves known following repairs from a 1923 fire, manifesting in crying sounds, a swinging chandelier, and the smell of cigar smoke.

Sandisfield, Massachusetts


As seen on Ghost Hunters, the New Boston Inn was built in 1737 and is decorated in period decor to match. Guests reportedly occasionally hear from Harriet, a bride who was shot and killed there by an ex-boyfriend on her wedding day in 1805.

Salem, Massachusetts


Popular on local ghost tours, the Henry Derby House hosts can’t guarantee any scary sightings — but they sure have stories to share. Multiple guests over the years have reportedly seen female spirits, specifically on the third floor.

Saint Paul, Minnesota


As if staying in an epic castle built in 1883 isn’t creepy enough, Manor Master Chamber is supposedly haunted by Rosalia, a young girl who died of typhoid fever on the property. If she doesn’t appear, you can at least meet host Sean’s dog, Scorch.

Jefferson City, Missouri


Fans of The Dead Files, look no further. The couple who purchased the Hobo Hill House reportedly moved after seven months of night terrors, voices, and a tall male apparition, and are now renting the space to paranormal seekers. Don’t forget to check out the basement's mysterious wet spot.

St. Louis, Missouri


When this brick house was built in 1890, the second floor apartment functioned as a maid’s quarters, where legend has it a maid committed suicide over unrequited love. Guests have since reportedly experienced ghostly activity, including mysteriously misplaced objects and cold spots.

Goldfield, Nevada


Traveling back in time to Goldfield’s ghost town is the real deal. Guests can even sleep on an antique bed while staying at The Crib. The bathroom, which is accessible via boardwalk, has a sink from the former boomtown’s haunted hotel.

Magdalena, New Mexico


Once part of a silver mining ghost town, the Casa Javelina cottage was moved to Magdalena in the early 1900s. Come for the historic presentation on the home’s original site and stay for the aspen grove and sunset views from the swing.

Troy, New York


Often used as a film location, Enslin Mansion has been in the current owner’s family for six generations. It maintains its original hardwood flooring, but is best known for its reportedly haunted second floor bedroom. Stay there if you dare — and take comfort from the two service dogs who live on site.

Wake Forest, North Carolina


In addition to its signature bedroom sinks, the Stroud House is home to some supernatural sightings. Guests have reported footsteps, glowing orbs, a shadowy figure, a music box playing by itself, and more. If interested, ask host David for a haunted tour.

Oberlin, Ohio


Owner Michelle, who has appeared on Paranormal State and Portals to Hell, teaches psychic development classes at Inspiration House with board games and spirit communication prompts. Don’t worry, as rumor has it the spirits haunting the four-bedroom are friendly former residents.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


Open your mind — and your ears, because David Stewart Farm’s “living” host Stephani will be happy to tell renters about the spirits they share the space with, as well as the farm house’s military history. After all, it was used as a Civil War hospital following the Battle of Gettysburg.

Charleston, South Carolina


Heavy perfume odors? Cold spots? While Airbnb host Keith hasn’t “seen or heard anything” paranormal, strange occurrences at this three-bedroom Stone House have been reported since 1991. If spirits are shy during your stay, visit the nearby marsh instead.

Knoxville, Tennessee


Secluded within 300 acres of Ijams Nature Center and overlooking the Tennessee River, Williamswood Castle has 42 stained-glass windows, a bookshelf hiding a secret staircase, and an antique sleigh bed. Visit the fortress during rainier months for magically misty vibes.

San Antonio, Texas


For a collection of haunted artifacts and paranormal investigative equipment on loan, this San Antonio staple has it all. After you explore the property and its neighboring trails, don’t forget to ask Airbnb host Roxy for tarot card readings and spirit board sessions.

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