Believe It Or Not, Saturn Retrograde Is Something To Look Forward To

A retrograde isn’t always a bad thing.

Saturn retrograde 2022 will help you regroup.

Saturn is the planet of discipline and karma. In 2022, Saturn in Aquarius will retrograde from June 4 to Oct. 23. Saturn is no picnic, but when it retrogrades, it cuts you some slack and helps you rethink your priorities. Here's how each zodiac sign can take advantage of it:


You're learning how to surround yourself with people who support you and inspire you. You're also learning how to contribute to your community in a more meaningful way. You have the power to change the world by becoming a more dedicated member of your circle of friends.

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You're learning that your career may be far from perfect, but there's always room for growth and improvement. Think about how you want your career to function and what practical measures you can take to make it work for you. Don't get discouraged; get determined.

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Your perspective can shape what happens in your life. If you believe in something, you'll feel motivated to work towards it. And if you don't believe in something, you may start closing yourself off from it altogether. Learn how to keep an open mind without losing your judgment.

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When you caring about something, you may start to feel afraid of losing it. This fear can make you want to cling even harder to it or begin distancing yourself out of fear of getting hurt. Accept that you can't control every outcome, but you can learn how to overcome your fear.

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You're learning a lot about boundaries, especially in your relationships. If your boundaries are poor, you may think everything is always your fault. If your boundaries are too strong, you may have issues taking responsibility at all. Take this opportunity to find more balance.


The habits you create have a deep impact on your mind, body, and health. You may become more aware of how you're negatively impacting your life through your decisions, prompting you to make improvements for your wellbeing. Take baby steps, because habits are forged over time.

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Life should be enjoyed. But if you're indulging on pleasure without limits, pleasure may soon begin to lack meaning and lose its spark. And if you never let yourself have fun, you're only building resentment. Strike a balance in your idea of fun that leaves you feeling rewarded.

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Don't underestimate the confidence home can give you. If you're not nurturing your sacred space, it won't leave you feeling rested. If you avoid healing your early childhood experiences, it may harm your understanding of how a family functions. Tend to these issues lovingly.

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What you say matters. Your words have the power to create and destroy what's around you. Work on communicating more effectively and listening more intently. Reconsider the info and ideas you decide to share. Ask yourself if what you're saying is truly in line with your values.

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You can't predict the next setback, but you can make yourself feel more prepared for it. In fact, when you have a solid safety net to catch you when you fall, you'll feel more confident in your ability to bounce back after a tough time. Build a stronger foundation beneath you.

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Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship at all. Whenever you respond to your self-consciousness by being critical of yourself, ask yourself if you're being a good friend to yourself. Don't kick yourself when you're down. Lend yourself a hand instead.

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You have your own private island and it's called your "subconscious". You're in charge here, but it's not always easy to control what comes and goes. Sometimes an awful thing sneaks in and starts living there rent free. Take back ownership of your island (and your peace of mind).

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