Pluto Retrograde's Here, And It'll Affect Each Sign In A Major Way

It’s time to do a deep dive inward.

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On April 29, Pluto — planet of power, transformation, and extremes — will station retrograde in Capricorn until Oct. 8. Since Pluto’s the slowest-moving celestial body, it spends six months of every year retrograde, so it occurs pretty often. While its retrograde movement is a common occurrence, it’ll still affect every zodiac sign in a major way.

Here’s what your sign can expect:

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You’ve been experiencing major transformations in your professional life for some time now, and Pluto retrograde will offer you a period of reflection. How do you constructively express your desire for control and power?

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As Pluto stations retrograde, you’ll be prompted to deeply reevaluate your relationship with your belief systems. Wherever Pluto transits in a chart tends to be the area where we can each veer from one extreme to the other, so now is a great time to consider how you’ve been maintaining a healthy balance when it comes to your views.

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Pluto retrograde will offer you a chance to reevaluate how you’ve maintained control over your secrets and boundaries. The extremes you’ve possibly been noticing will be mitigated for the time being, giving you a chance to do some necessary reflecting.

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The transformations you’ve been noticing in your relationships will slow down amid Pluto retrograde, giving you an opportunity to assess how you’ve been maintaining a healthy balance. Your relationships have been more prone to power struggles since October 2021, and now is the time to make any necessary adjustments.

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Introspection is necessary in regards to your worth, health, and labor, and Pluto retrograde is the time to do just that. Assess how you’ve maintained control, and make some adjustments if things have been feeling out of whack.

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As Pluto stations retrograde in your fifth house of pleasure and creative expression, you’ll be prompted to reflect on your need for creative control until Oct. 8. Pluto transiting this area of your chart has brought major changes as to how you express yourself artistically, and now is a great time to reflect on some of those shifts.

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You need to evaluate any power struggles you’ve been experiencing in your home and family life. Pluto retrograde will offer a pause in the extremes taking place in those sectors so you can make any necessary adjustments.

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When Pluto stations retrograde in your third house of communication, you’ll notice a shift in your desire for communicative power and more of an emphasis on reflection. Now is the time to consider how your ways of sharing your thoughts and ideas have transformed. Are you satisfied with how these changes have unfolded?

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Pluto retrograde is asking you to review and reflect on your finances. You’ve been experiencing a great deal of monetary changes, and this retrograde period will serve as a time to consider how you can maintain a healthy relationship with control here.

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Self-reflection is on the menu during this Pluto retrograde season. How you connect with your personal sense of power and control will be highlighted, and it’s the perfect time to consider how much transformation you’ve gone through since Pluto first moved into Capricorn in 2008.

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Your mind is a powerful thing. Pluto retrograde marks the time to assess that power, and how you’ve been harnessing this energy until Pluto stations direct on Oct. 8. Note how your mindset has potentially been affecting your reality, so you can make changes if necessary.

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Starting April 29, Pluto retrograde will prompt a period of reflection when it comes to the power dynamics in your social life, potentially causing extreme changes in your friendship circles.

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