The Final Eclipse Season Of 2021 Kicks Off With A Blood Moon In Taurus

Here's how it'll affect every zodiac sign.

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The Lunar Eclipse In Taurus Takes Place On Nov. 19 At 3:57 a.m. ET

Every six months, a lunar eclipse (aka blood moon) will take place instead of a full moon. This is a big deal, because an eclipse has the power to evoke major life changes that may feel heavy and unexpected. Here's how the upcoming eclipse could affect you, based on your sun or rising sign:

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This lunar eclipse will remind you of what you have and what your values are. It could lead to some financial shifts that feel uncomfortable at first, but ultimately leave you with an opportunity to regroup and rebuild a foundation that is strong and sturdy enough to support you.

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If something (or someone) is holding you back from allowing you to become your true self, this lunar eclipse will encourage you to set yourself free. This lunar eclipse is encouraging you to find strength in your identity and to prioritize your independence. Embrace it.

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Repressed memories, abandoned dreams, and a torrent of emotion could overtake you on this eclipse. You may have sudden epiphanies about how you feel, encouraging you to heal what needs healing and release what needs releasing. Let your spiritual needs lead the way.

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This lunar eclipse could evoke shifts in your social life. If you lose friends, you're also making new ones, which could lead to powerful networking opportunities. This is a powerful time to collaborate and cooperate with people who support your vision rather than discourage it.

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By the time this eclipse is over, your career could look very different. Your line of work may change in some way, forcing you to rethink your professional goals. Trust that these changes are all part of the process. The universe is lining up an incredible opportunity for you.

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This lunar eclipse has the power to take you to some exotic and unexpected places. Time to embrace new experiences that could help you see the world in a brand new light. Have an open mind, because there is still so much you have yet to learn and so much you've yet to see.

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This lunar eclipse could bring up financial and emotional debts, encouraging you to settle these debts and move forward. A transformational experience could also occur as you let go of one thing and embrace a rebirth in the process. You're more resilient than you think.

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Your relationships could take a sharp, unexpected turn during this lunar eclipse. The strength of your relationships will be revealed and it may feel like some of your relationships are changing in a way that feels permanent. It's time to accept the respect and love you deserve.

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This lunar eclipse will reveal the ways you should be nurturing and nourishing yourself. Your health and wellbeing is nonnegotiable and should never be sacrificed. Let this eclipse show you how you can lead a life that is marked by a healthy, productive, and focused routine.

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Your love life and your artistic projects will be the focus of this eclipse. It's time to prioritize the romance and creativity you desire in life. Remember, your desire to express yourself isn't silly; expressing yourself is the most human thing you could do and it's necessary.

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This lunar eclipse could lead to revelations on the home front. It may encourage you to strengthen your relationship with those you consider family. It could inspire you to move to a new place, decorate your room, and give your heart the feeling of safety and belonging it needs.

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You may have some fascinating conversations on this eclipse. Pay attention to the way you speak your mind and listen when information is imparted to you. Don't forget that your mind is a power house and it can elevate you if you're willing to move with its electric currents.

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