Neptune Retrograde Is Bringing Clarity For Every Zodiac Sign

Goodbye, delusion. Hello, coherence.

When Is Neptune Retrograde 2022?

On June 28, Neptune will station retrograde in Pisces until Dec. 3, 2022. Taking place annually, Neptune’s retrograde period brings clarity to the area of your birth chart where it’s previously been difficult to see things clearly.

Here’s where every zodiac sign can expect the fog to lift on this day:

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You’ve been experiencing some fog and uncertainty when in comes to your behind the scenes rituals, Aries, but starting on June 28, you can expect some much-needed clarity in this area. While this may not be a time where you’re pursuing any new endeavors, the ones you’ve had a difficulty maintaining a firm grasp on will become easier to embrace.

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As Neptune stations retrograde in your 11th house of friends and social groups on June 28, you can expect some clarity around your community and alliances. If it’s been a challenge to decipher between who’s genuine and who’s not, expect the fog to lift now.

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When Neptune stations retrograde in your 10th house of career and public image on June 28, you can expect some clarity regarding your professional endeavors. While the fog of Neptune has made it even more challenging to envision the potential possibilities here, this retrograde will be sure to lift the haze.

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On June 28, Neptune will station retrograde in your 9th house of wisdom and spiritual beliefs, bringing clarity and clear insight into your knowledge-seeking pursuits. If you’ve been feeling confused about how to pursue endeavors here, Neptune-s the culprit — but not to worry, the smoke has temporarily cleared.

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As Neptune stations retrograde in your eighth house of shared resources and boundaries, expect some lucidity regarding the time, energy, and possessions you share with other people. If it’s been challenging to draw a line with a loved one, it should become easier now — so be sure to take advantage of this time.

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On June 28, Neptune will station retrograde in your seventh house of relationships, clearing up some of the uncertainty you’ve been feeling in your love life. As the logical, grounded sign of the zodiac, you’re all about the nitty gritty details, and while Neptune’s illusions will still be present, you’ll definitely benefit from the clarity for the time being.

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As Neptune slows down in your sixth house of daily work and rituals, you’ll notice some clarity regarding your physical health and wellness rise to the surface. This is an area of your life where it can be challenging setting boundaries, but as Neptune stations retrograde, you’ll be able to see things in a different light, and potentially make some adjustments.

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On June 28, Neptune will station retrograde in your fifth house of creative expression and pleasure, offering some insight into these pursuits. While confusion and illusion has likely been present here as of late, the clarity that this retrograde will bring can allow you to finally see things clearly.

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As Neptune retrogrades through your fourth house on June 28, you’ll begin to experience some clarity when it comes to your home and family endeavors. It’s been a challenging connecting to reality in this area of your life as of late, but the retrograde is certain to alleviate some of the illusions you’ve been facing.

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On June 28, Neptune will station retrograde in your third house of communication and ideas, bringing some potential clarity to how you express your thoughts and ideas. If you’ve been struggling to communicate clearly, this transit will lift some of the brain fog you’ve been experiencing — so don’t hesitate to speak your mind now.

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When Neptune stations retrograde in your second house of money and possessions on June 28, you’ll begin to notice some clarity arise around your finances. This is the perfect time to assess your spending habits — things that were unclear before, may finally begin to make sense.

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On June 28, Neptune, the planet of fogginess and illusions will station retrograde in your first house of self and identity. You’ve been experiencing some confusion when it comes to how you express yourself, but on this day, you can expect the smoke to clear, and the confusion fade.

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