Every Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected By Neptune Retrograde — Here’s How

Time to remove your rose-colored glasses.

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It’s easy to fall for illusions; daydreams offer a reprieve from life's boring aspects. While fantasies can help, they can also leave you disconnected. Like it or not, Neptune retrograde 2021 will affect every sign by removing your rose-colored glasses and revealing your reality.


Neptune is the planet of dreams and fantasy; it’s also the planet of deception, because Neptune can convince you of anything. From June 25 to Dec. 1, Neptune will station retrograde in Pisces, pulling back the veil that may have led you to believe in something that isn’t real.

Don't panic — Neptune spends nearly half of each year retrograde, which means you are a seasoned veteran. This slow-moving outer planet tends to evoke change over time, so expect it to steadily reveal all the ways you’ve fallen for your own fantasies.


As Neptune stations retrograde in your dreamy and spiritual 12th house, you may start realizing your imagination isn't always rooted in reality. Allow Neptune retrograde to show you how to recalibrate your subconscious so that it’s an easier part of yourself to live with.

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As this transit moves through your 11th house of community, it may help you realize that some of the causes, organizations, and social cliques that you associate with may not truly align with your values. Spend time with people who bring out the best in you.

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As Neptune retrogrades in your 10th house of career, it'll show you the ways you’re daydreaming about your goals instead of putting in the effort to reach success. Stop letting your negative thought patterns get in the way of your ability to forge a solid work ethic.

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As Neptune stations retrograde in your truth-seeking ninth house of philosophy, it will help you come to terms with some of the weird concepts you’ve been putting faith in. Take a closer look at some of these beliefs and analyze whether they may be somewhat misguided.



As Neptune stations retrograde in your eighth house of transformation, the truth may start to come to light, especially regarding the financial ties you share with someone, and your emotional attachments. Let it help you divest from the attachments that have been fooling you.



When you invest your energy in someone, it’s natural to want to concentrate on the good parts. As Neptune retrogrades in your seventh house of partnerships, you may begin to see cracks in relationships you’ve put your faith in. See them as they are so you can improve them.



As Neptune retrogrades in your sixth house of work and health, it may reveal some of the ways you allow yourself to get distracted. Procrastination may derail you; this rx may encourage you to face the ways you’re not staying focused when it comes to your work.



As Neptune retrogrades in your fifth house of pleasure and creativity, it may reveal some of misconceptions about your ability to experience joy. Allow this transit to show you more productive ways to bring your inner artist to life and create something beautiful.



Everyone has baggage. As Neptune retrogrades in your fourth house of home and family, it may encourage you to face the truth about that baggage. You may start to see your relatives in a new light and begin to understand what you need in order to feel comfortable.

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As Neptune retrogrades in your third house of communication, it may reveal the the methods and ways you express your thoughts. Are you saying what you really want to say? Let Neptune retrograde guide you toward an understanding of communication that’s based on truth.

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As Neptune retrogrades in your second house of finances, it may reveal the ways you use money as a coping mechanism. This transit will let you see your finances for what they are, and help you develop a more practical and prudent relationship with your bank account.

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As Neptune retrogrades, you may start to see every aspect of your life in a clearer (albeit harsher) light. Let this transit help you see straight through the illusions clouding your judgment of who you are and where you stand.

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