Modsy Designed Harry Potter Rooms Inspired By The 4 Houses

Here's what your room would look like if you were in Slytherin.

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Courtesy of Modsy

Modsy is putting a magical spin on virtually designing your dream home. The online interior design service designed Harry Potter Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin rooms complete with decor — and they will transport you to Hogwarts.

These Modsy Harry Potter rooms even include home decor items you can shop for (or Accio into) your own spaces IRL. After checking out the rooms, you can shop all of Modsy’s curated Harry Potter decor picks on the website.

Courtesy of Modsy

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Gryffindor Living Room

Modsy’s Gryffindor living room design looks almost identical to the Gryffindor common room. With royal red accents and a cozy fireplace, it really fits the bold attributes associated with a Gryffindor. You’ll also see nods to the books and films like a chess set for Ron and the Fat Lady portrait.

Design Within Reach Man Ray Chess Set

The chess set used in Modsy’s rendering of a cozy Gryffindor living room is representative of Ron’s love of Wizard’s Chess.

CB2 Black Trophy

This black trophy kind of looks like the Triwizard Cup, which is why it’s perfect decor for any Harry Potter-inspired room.


Slytherin Bedroom

You’ll want to slytherin to this cozy bedroom if you consider yourself a Slytherin. The Modsy design includes green walls, edgy art, and a snake rug for major Draco Malfoy vibes.

Nuloom Thomas Paul Power Loomed Serpent

If you’re designing a Slytherin room, you need some serpent decor, and this loomed snake rug is a perfect statement piece.

Tanjore Snake Pillow Black

A quick and easy way to transform your space is just by adding a few new throw pillows on your bed. This black snake pillow really fits that Slytherin dark and gothic aesthetic too.


Ravenclaw Reading Room

Dark academia is the trendy new aesthetic to aspire to, and this Ravenclaw reading room really catches that vibe. Also, if you’re designing a Ravenclaw room, it has to be a place where you’ll want to study and learn, and Modsy definitely understood the assignment.

Cascade Accents Mila Cast Iron Bird Figurine Small Brown

Ravenclaw’s mascot is the eagle, but any bird decor will do in a Harry Potter-inspired room. Place this bird figurine on your bookshelf next to your favorite novels.

Antique Curiosities Constellation Star Map

Since Ravenclaws are also known to be very good at astronomy and divination, this constellation map will fit in with your academia-inspired decor. It’ll also remind you of one your fave Ravenclaw professors, Trelawney.


Hufflepuff Dining Room

The Hufflepuff common room is located near the kitchen, so having a Hufflepuff dining room makes sense. Also, Hufflepuffs are loyal AF and would love to have their friends over for a dinner in their cottagecore-inspired room.

CB2 Potted Monstera Adansonii

Since Hufflepuffs are great at Herbology, fill your space with tons of plants and greenery.

Crate & Barrel Emmett Bronze Taper Candle Holder

Set up a Hufflepuff tablescape with these candle holders. To really match the theme, use candles in Hufflepuff colors — yellow and black.


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