The Most Romantic Day In May Is Really Soon, So Mark Your Calendars

Major heart eyes.

by Valerie Mesa

The most romantic day in April for every zodiac sign was at the very end of the month, on April 30. But the most romantic day in May is at the very beginning of the month, on May 1. That means back-to-back days of love.

In addition to the charming astro-weather happening on May 1, this day also happens to be quite sensual, especially when it comes to matters of romance. Also known as Beltane, the first of May honors Mother Earth’s fertility, as well as the element fire, which serves as a symbol of divine creation.

Here’s what your zodiac sign can expect in the romance department on May 1:


Candlelit dinner for two? Unless you’re in the mood for a moonlight swim. Either way, the sun is currently beaming over your second house of sensual pleasures, all while harmonizing with Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune. Privacy brings bliss.

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Doesn’t matter where you go, or who is around you. With your planetary ruler, Venus, swimming alongside Jupiter and Neptune, the intimacy you seek is only a gaze away. La luna is also in your sign, so by all means, wear your heart on your sleeve.

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Today’s seductive astro-weather is the celestial backdrop you never knew you needed. See, in addition to the moon wandering through your 12th house of dreams, it will link up with Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune... and well, it doesn’t get more surreal than this. Take a picture.

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Post that snazzy selfie. Whether it be a crush watching you from a distance, or someone you recently met online, don’t be afraid to test your luck today. The moon will glimmer through your socially conscious 11th house, and harmonize with seductive Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune. A new adventure awaits you.

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With the moon glimmering through your shiny 10th house of public persona, there’s no denying your charisma and magnetism. Although, leave it to la luna’s trine to Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune to spice things up in more ways than one. You’re a whole mood.

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Catching feelings for someone at a distance? Not only is today’s moon in Taurus wandering through your exotic ninth house of adventure; it’s also harmonizing with Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune in your relationship sector. Compatible much? Your conversations are equally as inspiring as they are exhilarating.

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Falling in love is easy when you’re around. Then again, with the moon wandering through your sultry eighth house of intimacy, all the while trining your celestial ruler, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune, keeping your hands off each other is the real challenge.

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The only thing better than dating your crush IRL, is daydreaming about them on the regular. You’re hard to resist with the moon in sensually driven Taurus, and its connection to Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune makes it all the more enticing. Allow yourself to fall for someone; you deserve it.

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The love you crave is already inside of you, which is why you can’t help but attract potential suitors left and right. This is especially true in your daily life, as the moon will glimmer through this area of your chart, and harmonize with Venus, your lucky planetary ruler, Jupiter, and Neptune. Follow your gut.

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Feeling smitten? With Luna wandering through your passionate fifth house of love, pleasure, and self-expression, it’s no wonder you’re attracting so many suitors. The moon does, after all, rule your relationship sector, but it will also harmonize with Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune via your third house of communication. Use your words.

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Surround yourself with those who feel like home, especially under today’s charming astro-weather. The moon will glimmer through your cozy fourth house, all while harmonizing with Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune. Comfort is your priority, and you’re bringing the same energy to your person.

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C'est la vie! Here’s to adventures that are short, sweet, and spontaneous. The moon is wandering through sensually driven Taurus, all the while harmonizing with Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune in your sign. Encounters are serendipitous, and love is all around you.

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