Like Kim K, The March Full Moon Is Calling On You To Get To Work

It’s time to roll up your sleeves.

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It appears that the upcoming full moon is pulling a Kim Kardashian, because it’s calling on you to “get your f*cking ass up and work.” Starting on March 18, the full Worm Moon in Virgo will emphasize productivity and communication. Here’s how every zodiac sign can be influenced:

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The full moons asks that you take a closer look at your day-to-day rituals and routines. While downtime is essential, it’s much easier to unwind once you knock a few things off your to-do list.

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It’s time to prioritize your creative pursuits outside of the community-based activities you’ve been preoccupied with. How are you setting time aside to cultivate joy in your own life?

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You’ll be called to do some organizing in your house after a long, career-oriented period. Your home serves as your foundation, and needs to maintain structure in order to support your professional ambitions.

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The full moon will shed light on your thoughts, and your ability to share them. Assess how you can further your studies so that it can better support your desire to share knowledge.

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There’s no better time to reorganize your possessions and finances. In order to share what you have with others, you must ensure that you’ve got a firm grip on your own resources.

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The full moon will reveal things about yourself that you may not be aware of. It’s time to assess who you are outside of your role in other people’s lives. How can you better prioritize yourself?

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You’ll be prompted to take a close look at your inner world. Now is the time to reflect on where you’re at, mentally. It’s a good day to rest and take a break from your routines.

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You need to balance out your independent creative pursuits with collaborations among friends. Your role within your social circles is necessary, and will really be emphasized.

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You’ll be called to organize your professional matters. Now is the time to reflect on your next career move, so be sure to write down any ideas you come up with.

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You’ve been absorbing a lot of newfound information, and now’s the time to finally put it into practice. Whether you’re giving advice or embarking on a physical journey, you’ll definitely be feeling liberated on this day.

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You’ve been noticing a lot of emphasis on money lately, and now’s the perfect time to assess how much you’ve been assisting others (or how much others have been assisting you). Healthy boundaries with your resources (i.e. time, energy, and money) are key.

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Consider how you’re maintaining balance between yourself and other people. Pisces season has been a very “you”-oriented season, and now you need to assess how you’re prioritizing your relationships with others.

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