The Luckiest Zodiac Signs In December 2022 Are Full Of Holiday Cheer

The cold never bothered them anyway.

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The world is your oyster during this time of year. In the days leading up to 2023, there’s an undeniable excitement in the air. While everyone’s bound to benefit from this light-hearted, jovial energy, three lucky zodiac signs will be in good spirits for the remainder of 2022.

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As the sun continues to make its way through Sagittarius until Dec. 21, there’s a collective sense of hope and anticipation. Since three signs share the same element (fire) as the current season of Sagittarius, though, they’ll be the luckiest zodiac signs in December 2022.

Aries (March 21—April 19)

As December unfolds, the sun will be traveling through your ninth house of travel and wisdom, encouraging you to embark on expansive new journeys of the mind and spirit.

Since you’re always looking for your next project, now is the perfect time to pursue an interest that allows you to think outside the box. Even if some of the endeavors you embark on may be temporary, the experiences are sure to remain with you once the season changes.

Leo (July 22—Aug. 21)

As December ensues, your chart ruler, the sun, will continue through the light-hearted, optimistic sign of Sagittarius, encouraging you to explore new horizons within your creative pursuits.

You’re someone who prioritizes consistency, but this season is inviting you to broaden your perspectives in new and exciting ways. Whether it be through passion projects, going on dates, or checking new hobbies, this month is all about having fun, so let your hair down.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22—Dec. 21)

You’ll feel encouraged to prioritize your spontaneous, explorative pursuits in a way that’s true to who you are.

Though this time is always about spending time with your loved ones, it’s also *your* season. So, why not both? Lean into your independence, and prioritize the relationships that give you space to roam.

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